How Hard Is It To Become An Instagram Influencer?

Social networks represent one of the best marketing tools today because it can efficiently raise the number of potential clients. Therefore, it is not a surprise that every company is using various online platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and others to communicate with their followers and introduce them to a variety of offers, deals, discounts, coupons, and more. On the other hand, reaching a high number of fans is not that easy as it seems. In that matter, many businesses are choosing the option to hire influencers to promote them.

In recent years, Instagram became the most popular social network, with over 1 billion active users from all around the world. With so many people available, choosing it as the main marketing method can be very effective. However, it can be hard at the beginning to reach so many of them. On the other hand, you can always choose an option to buy additional followers that will boost your Instagram account. You can check more about this service at

Furthermore, when it comes to promoters on these social media networks, this term is related to people who have a lot of active followers that are checking their news feed and stories. Becoming an influencer is a very popular profession in recent years, and some people manage to earn a lot of money that way. For example, people who have the most followers, such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Kylie Jenner, Dwayne Johnson, or Ariana Grande, are earning around $1 million per one promotional post.

Nevertheless, there are many available influencers for small businesses as well. For instance, you will need to pay around $100 to get a post on an Instagram account that has 10,000 followers. Moreover, you have to know that reaching even that number is not so easy if you are not a celebrity. It takes a lot of effort to create the right content that will attract more people. There are many other factors that you should consider as well.

Choose the Right Niche


Determining the right field of interest can help you to become more successful in creating your posts. You will have to focus on the content related to products from one branch. For example, if you are interested in cosmetic products, you can share pictures of yourself while applying all sorts of makeup. Also, we have to mention that it is very important to be consistent and original with your content because that will keep your followers more interested in your page. That way, companies will become interested in hiring you to share them over your profile.

Captions Are Important


A lot of regular users would choose to add only a few words in the description of their photos and videos. However, writing about your feelings and experience of the moment when the last picture you shared was made can create a better connection with your followers. In that matter, you should try to express yourself with a proper introduction and explanation of your content. For example, if you are promoting eyeliner, you should write about where did you buy it, who is the producer, how simple is it to apply, and other features. You can also choose to compare it to some other products.

Build an Active Community


Getting more likes on your page is not so important if they are not sharing your content, liking your feeds, or watching the stories. You will have to find a way to keep them engaged. There are various methods for that. For example, you can choose evening hours to share your stories and posts because there are the most people active on this social network. Moreover, including surveys and simple questionnaires is another great way to keep people interested in your content. You should fund a way to make communication with people in a way where they can start conversations between themselves in the comment section of your posts.

Learn More About Your Targeted Group


As we already mentioned, the number of people who liked your page is important but not crucial for your effectiveness in becoming a successful influencer. You should especially focus on building a structure of people who share the same opinions and interests when you open the account. It will become easier over time to make conclusions related to the reliable types of content that you should upload.

That also means that you should not try to share a variety of posts that are not related to each other in any way. You might seem more professional with posts related only to one industry. For example, if you are promoting wellness, you can add stories and posts related to workout, healthy diet, supplements, but also about traveling, restaurants, or some kitchen appliances. On the other hand, going from one branch to another all the time without the ability to show that you have enough experience in that field probably won’t make you so successful as an influencer.

Try to Be Unique


The best way to attract some of the popular brands to collaborate with you is to try to make a brand out of your name on Instagram. You can manage to do that only with consistency and efforts to make each one of your posts related to what you are promoting the most. That means that you should avoid posting something if that won’t fit the image that you created about yourself on this social network. Building a brand out of your name means that there will be people who would certainly choose some service or product because you were promoting it. Creating that kind of relationship with your followers will make you much more successful as an Instagram promoter.

Last Words

As you can see, becoming a successful influencer requires a lot of effort and have many challenges, especially because there are so many people trying to become active in this field. The best way is to find something that you are experienced with and where you can express your enthusiasm in the best way.

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