What Qualifications Do You Need to Be a Bodyguard

There are many career choices in the world since there exist hundreds if not thousands of different jobs one can choose to do. Depending on somebody’s interests and skills as well as what they deem fun and exciting, they can do vastly different stuff during their life. There is even the possibility of doing multiple jobs, provided there is enough time of day to fit more than a single shift. Such diversity is obviously a good thing but not all jobs are made the same. There are vastly different skillsets and requirements that certain careers have that others do not, which means doing one usually excludes doing something else.

Some are highly specialized than others and require years of academic studying. Others are crafts that anyone can learn but the best of the best are still those who have a knack for it or some special talent. Sports and entertainment have a plethora of jobs to offer and one can even run their own business and all sorts of things with it. All in all, there are numerous possible callings in life and we all have a choice to make. Some do it as soon as possible and reach their goals, others take longer to figure stuff out and pinpoint the exact thing that fulfills them. What matters is to find it and never give up.

A Select Few

In such a diverse number of things, there are usually certain examples that stand out among the rest for different reasons. When it comes to jobs, the safety of those doing it and the well-being of those who you serve is reserved for jobs that are some of the most difficult to do, but also prepare and train for. Sacrificing years of your life only to help and protect others and be there for them in a way professionally takes special kinds of people, brave, selfless, daring, and persevering. Some of those jobs include doctors and nurses, soldiers, police officers, and firefighters. But those are roles that people usually think of when danger and saving others is the topic of conversation. Is there another job that fits the bill? Yes, of course, there is, and that is the job of a bodyguard.

The Job of a Bodyguard


It is right there in the name actually, as it implies guarding someone else’s body. It can also be understood as guarding others with your own body. Both of these definitions are technically true and being a bodyguard is definitely a job that is not for everyone. That is precisely why the ranks are usually filled out with people from all sorts of dangerous and physically demanding career backgrounds, from special agents and soldiers, to police officers and professional athletes. However, you do not already have to be trained in a certain field and spend decades doing before you become a bodyguard, especially not now.

Becoming a person who protects others this way can also be done by training and seeking certain qualifications that other jobs may require but not at the same level. It is possible to earn these qualifications and get the skills necessary to perform this job but only if you know what needs to be done and how. Something you will definitely need is a security industry authority license so that you can legally give bodyguard services. However, this is not enough. In this article, we talk about becoming a bodyguard and what you need to be actually able to do if you truly want this career. Read on to find out more and be sure to check out for more on what bodyguards need to prepare for.

Weapons Handling, Carrying, and Shooting

First and foremost, bodyguards need to know how to use weapons because it is an important aspect of their jobs. There is no saying what the threat may be and who may want to hurt or even kill the client. For these and many other obvious reasons, every bodyguard needs to have training and experience in handling, carrying, and using guns. Usually what everyone asks for is to be experienced with a handgun. Most bodyguards have their own but you also might be issued one for the job. In any case, knowing your way around a gun is a must. This can be learned in a number of ways. Shooting ranges exist to both train and stay in shape. The trickiest part is to get the carrying license, which has to be done with the appropriate authority and will vary based on your state or country.

Professionals like bodyguards and security guards usually do not have any trouble getting this license as it is not for personal, civilian carrying but a dangerous profession. Knowing a thing or two about shotguns, SMGs, and assault rifles is also a plus and will certainly land you better-paid assignments. You will have to prove it all and probably go through training courses and shooting exercises, perhaps even gun dismantling and cleaning. But this is all standard procedure that every bodyguard needs to go through if they are to earn the qualification.


Hand to Hand Combat, Martial Arts

Another reason why ex-special forces, police officers, soldiers, and martial artists are great bodyguards is because of the hand-to-hand combat experience and skills needed for the job. Guns are not always necessary nor will they always be a possibility. Oftentimes there is a lighter treat that can be resolved with fighting skills. However, it is not just about any type of fighting and it is definitely not about brawling and resulting to whatever you can think of. Proper self-defense classes and several different martial arts are needed for an effective chance at being a bodyguard. You will need to know how to disarm the perpetrator and get rid of their gun or knife. In addition to this, fighting needs to be done in a smart way in which the client is protected and kept safe while the bodyguard does it. Their safety is the number one option so the whole hand-to-hand combat needs to be such too.

There are different martial arts techniques to learn but most bodyguards go with a combination of krav maga, judo, boxing, and Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Mixed martial arts (MMA) is also a good idea because of all the immobilization moves. There are many courses made specifically for bodyguards and security guards that teach all the right offense and defense moves that are useful and applicable in the field. Getting qualifications and proper licenses for this makes you a better bodyguard and the ultimate professional who needs no backup.

Driving and Logistics

We combine these two things together because they often go hand in hand when being a bodyguard, despite not being so connected otherwise. Being a good driver is not enough if you are a bodyguard who is going to frequently drive clients too. For this, the bodyguard needs to be a great driver and handle the vehicle well in speedy chases as well as different driving conditions. On the logistics part, knowing the layout of the neighborhood and deciding where to go in a split second may be the difference maker between saving yourself and the client or not being able to do so. This requires staking out the location in advance as well as being generally well-informed about the routes, shortcuts, and the amount of traffic during different times of day.

When it comes to the actual activity of driving, both manual and automatic gearboxes are a must as well as being generally familiar with different vehicle types. Bodyguards should have no trouble steering coupes, sedans, SUVs, vans, and even trucks or motorbikes. You can never know what can happen and which vehicle will present itself as the best solution to protect yourself and the client. Making sure you pass different driving tests for the different vehicle types and classes is the only way to earn this sort of qualification. It may require time but it will open so many doors for you.


First Aid Certificate

Last but definitely not the least, bodyguards need to be trained and certified in giving first aid. Protecting the client does not always go as planned, nor protecting yourself. There will be times when you will need to stop bleeding, apply pressure to wounds, or even stich up a few cuts. The job is never certain and every client and every case (mission) is different. You could be the only professional in a situation where somebody else is hurt other than the client so why not help them while the ambulance arrives?

First aid is a life skill that everyone should know, not just bodyguards and other professionals dealing with protecting and helping others. This is definitely a qualification you will require if you ever want to get into the bodyguard industry. The client relies on you to protect them in more than one way, including if they ever do end up injured during the job.

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