Trends in Kitchen Countertops: What’s Hot in 2024

As we enter 2024, certain countertop materials and styles are clearly rising to the top as popular options for state-of-the-art kitchen upgrades and new builds. From engineered quartz composites to concrete with creative aggregates, let’s explore some of the key trends set to shape the world of kitchen countertops this year and likely beyond. According to the experts at Bedrock Quartz, home cooks and designers alike are prioritizing durable, easy-care, and visually striking countertops to install in one of the home’s most lived-in spaces.

The Continued Quartz Countertop Craze

Quartz has rapidly claimed countertop market share over the past decade. And in 2024, quartz counters show no signs of relinquishing their dominance. Crafted from roughly 90% ground quartz mineral blended with polyester resins, pigments, and other compounds, quartz offers the aesthetic of natural stone without some of the hassles. Perks like superior scratch and stain resistance, minimal maintenance needs, crack and heat resistance, and color consistency, have made this engineered material a go-to for counters.

The Allure of Metal Countertops

While stainless steel has long been the darling of commercial kitchens, it’s now appearing in home kitchens too. In 2024, expect stainless steel to continue forging its way onto more residential counters and islands, flanked by other metals like antiqued copper, brushed bronze, and polished nickel silver. Metallic counters speak to current preferences for an edgy, ultramodern, industrial look. Stainless steel specifically promotes a clean, hygienic, clutter-free aesthetic that aligns well with minimalism and Scandinavian style.

The Rise of Concrete Countertops


Historically the domain of restaurant kitchens, concrete surfaces have been steadily migrating into residential spaces over the past few years. In 2024, we can expect concrete kitchen counters to continue gaining ground as the material’s aesthetic possibilities expand dramatically. Where basic gray concrete once ruled, we now see innovative mixes that incorporate materials like crushed glass, marble fragments, quartz chips, mosaic tiles, seashells, and semi-precious stones.

All Eyes on Color

Of all countertop trends for 2024, the expanded color story stands out most. Where white and neutral counters have dominated for years, we’re now seeing much more dynamic, saturated hues enter the domain. Deep teal blue quartz, walnut-stained concrete and coppery zinc metal countertops showcase color remarkably well. And with more materials offering tinting and staining flexibility, all signs point to a much more vibrant era ahead.

Beyond bold colors, we see increased attraction in the multi-dimensional look of surfaces mimicking natural patterns found in marble, limestone, and other fine stones with great character. While white counters are not disappearing fully from favor, there’s absolutely more room for personality. Countertops are shedding their spartan roles as stark backdrops. Instead, they emerge through inventive colors and textures as focal features in their own right during a 2024 kitchen update.


When planning a kitchen remodel in 2024, quartz composites, concrete blends, and metal alloys rank among the savviest options for installing fashion-forward counters. While granite may forever maintain market share and laminates still warrant consideration for tight budgets, quartz and concrete materials lead the pack of emerging kitchen heroes. Their winning combination of good looks, high durability, and easier maintenance keeps these engineered surfaces surging upward in popularity.

And the expanded range of hues and looks achievable with metals, concrete modifications, and dye-friendly materials means counters can finally reflect more unique style signatures. Countertops now act as outlets for personal expression, no longer starkly functional surfaces only. As tastes shift toward fewer neutrals, the surfaces we employ for meal prep follow suit. So in this year’s remodels, dare to dream big on counters. Their horizons look more promising than ever.

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