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Kitchen Tiles That You Can Clean Easily

Kitchens are one of the most important parts of our homes, and whenever we think about decorating our homes, it comes to our thoughts that how can we decorate the kitchen that will be both amazing and convenient. When you think about decorating your kitchen, you might want to decorate it in a way that goes well with the overall interior of your home, but you must also make sure that you are decorating it keeping your work and other conveniences in mind. As the kitchen is one of the busiest places in the home, and it needs regular maintenance and cleaning due to spills and much other stuff, you need to use tiles that will be easy to clean. Otherwise, It will be messy for homeowners to make the room neat and clean.

Various tiles can be used to decorate your kitchen, as there is a wide variety of tiles out there. There are tiles of different colors, textures, and designs. But not all tiles can be cleaned easily, as there are tiles that need very carefully so that they don’t face any kind of damage or other problems. Or some tiles might need high maintenance cleaning that can’t be performed every now and then, or in other words, they can’t be cleaned frequently even if you need to. But there are some tiles that can give you comfort in both cleaning and looks. You will be able to clean these tiles easily whenever you need to, and kitchens need cleaning quite frequently anyway. Through the cleaning way, the kitchen looks neat and clean. Also, you will be able to decorate the kitchen in an aesthetically pleasing manner. So, let’s look at the tile options you can go for your kitchen that can be cleaned easily.

Contemporary Glass Tiles

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Glass tile can work as an alternative to common backsplash materials, and it will work great as a creative and unconventional option. These tiles are specially cut to fit the area between the countertop and the black laminate shelf in the kitchen, and you can install these tiles over painted drywall. These glass tiles are of subtle and fashionable color, so they can add a great style to your kitchen. And most importantly, the surface of this tile is glossy and reflective, which makes it really easy to clean with glass cleaner, or vinegar and water. Glass tiles can add more shine and scale change to create more visual interest between the cabinets and the shelf. You should be careful whenever you clean glass tiles.

Laminated Backsplash

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If you are looking forward to getting budget options for renovating your kitchen, then you can go for laminated splash guards. Even though this type of splash protection doesn’t cost much, they are available in a variety of colors and designs, There are many kinds of laminates available in the market, and some of them look like real stone splatters that cost much more. A mosaic niche is formed by beaded stone molding to provide a functional point to the kitchen. The stone splatters can be a great choice for your kitchen, but to facilitate easy cleaning and to protect them from water and stains, you will need to seal them with a low-gloss penetrating sealer.

Elegant Marble Tiles

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The polished Carrara marble tiles can be one of the most elegant options you can have for your kitchen. These tiles can create a ravishing look for your kitchen, and using these tiles can minimize grout joints, which can create a more perfect look. This amazing shape of tile makes your home decoration gorgeous and lucrative. Even though these tiles are easy to clean, and there are a lot of cleaning options available, you need to remember that they get easily stained. So, you’ll have to clean them quickly if there are any spills of coffee, wine, juice, grease, or anything else. You can clean the tiles with a damp sponge and a soap-free detergent, or a neutral pH marble cleaner, and then pat them dry to avoid any water stain. Vinegar and citrus-based cleaners can damage the surface due to being acidic, but you can use peroxide to remove stains. And this type of tile is very popular in home decoration nowadays.

Ceramic Tiles

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You can easily find a wide variety of ceramic tiles in the market, as they are the most common type out there. You need to choose the best one to see the characteristics of this types of tiles carefully and precisely. You can easily customize your decoration with these tiles as they have many different colors and designs. You can have a simple but elegant design in your kitchen by using ceramic tiles, and they can add character to your kitchen. You can easily choose tiles that will coordinate properly with your cabinet, wall color, etc. Ceramic tiles are really easy to clean and don’t get stained easily. You can use simple water and detergent, or any other floor or tiles cleaner to clean these tiles. Thus you can make the best use of this kind of tile.

Painted Mosaic Tiles

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You can create a custom backsplash by painting tile designs on 6-inch blank square tiles. Paintings such as Pebeo Porcelaine150 or Plaid Folk-Art Emaux, which are water-based paints and easily adhere to tiles. Then they become permanent and waterproof. Using color on food preparation surfaces is not recommended. Folk art tile glazes are heat cured for durability and are non-toxic and dishwasher safe. Also, you can clean them easily as they are waterproof. Not to mention the aesthetically pleasing look these tiles can give off.

Final Words

It is really important to keep the kitchen clean as a kitchen can get really messy even after a day worth of cooking. Moreover, without keeping the kitchen clean, you will find it really difficult to complete all the cooking tasks. So, you need to install such tiles in the kitchen that can be cleaned very easily.


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