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7 Cleaning Habits to Do Every Day

Cleaning a house every day requires good firm habits. Keeping up with daily house chores can be dragging and would require a specific effort. And it does not necessarily need to invest enough time to get all the chores done. It just needs a good set of habits to maintain a clean home easily.

Although some could not deep clean their house because of busy schedules, keep a habit of cleaning your house 30 minutes every day. These are some of the habits to do to have a clean home:

1. Making the bed

Starting one’s day with making the bed makes a lot of difference. The bed is the biggest thing in a room and is easily noticeable. With sheets undone, it would make the whole room look untidy.

To make it easier to make the bed every day, one needs to simplify the bedding as much as possible. For example, one could lessen the number of pillows on the bed or use an oversized comforter or duvet to cover the bed so that it is not necessary to tuck in sheets anymore.

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2. Putting things away after use

This habit may seem to be obvious, but it also is the most overlooked habit. Failing to put away things after use is the leading cause of untidiness. To develop this habit fully, one must go out of the way to make sure this is practiced.

Make sure that clothes or anything that one wears or uses end up to where it properly belongs. If few clothes are left on the bed or leave shoes at the front door, these can quickly pile up and create a big mess.

Using organizers or boxes to put in one’s belongings to help in keeping things away. Some would also prefer DIY organizers to put in use spaces to store one’s belongings properly. It is essential to designate a place with proper storage to stack and pile papers like the house’s monthly bills, meal coupons and other important mails. Then, segregate the documents to be able to sort them out quickly.

Bills that come in should be placed in a different file organizer, menus and meal coupons on other organizers and bills already settled in different storage. It is convenient for house owners to look for the needed papers without disarranging the filed documents, thus keeping the house clutter-free.

3. Dust and Vacuum Regularly

Dusting and vacuuming regularly would make a house a lot cleaner and is easier to maintain. Regular dusting and vacuuming would not require much time and effort to have the house dust and dirt free. It won’t be necessary to do a major cleaning as often as possible because maintaining a clean and clutter-free house would not be an issue once house owners develop this habit.

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4. Do Regular laundry

Laundry can pile up fast and can get out of control quickly. And to avoid that, it is better to practice the “one load per day” basis. This means, instead of waiting for the weekend to do the laundry, one can do the laundry daily, one load at a day or more depending on one’s free time. In this way, homeowners won’t have to tend to run out of towels, socks or underwear.

Taming the laundry can be tricky and needs discipline. However, once one can adjust to this habit,  it is easier to control the piling of laundry, which makes a house much more cleaner and comfortable to live in.

5. Wipe Down Showers and Tubs After Use

Water stains and grimes easily build up in between major cleaning days. Wiping down watermarks on showers and tubs every after use would help prevent deep buildups of grimes, thus making it easier to clean the bathroom.

Regular cleaning the bathroom would be a lighter task since grimes and other unpleasant build-ups are prevented.

6. Wash Dishes and Wipe Down Table Counters

Washing dishes every after meals would prevent piling up dirty dishes in the kitchen sink and avoid unpleasant odors in the kitchen. For example, one dishwasher, make sure to clean dishes every after meals to promote a neat and clean kitchen.

Wiping down table counters every after a meal would soon be a habit of keeping the kitchen counters clutter-free and dirt free. These surfaces should be kept clean, free and clear because this is where food is prepared, and with this, it makes a house tidier and lighter.

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7. Nightly Clean Up

Make it a routine to do a 10-15 minute nightly clean up. It tends to make the most mess or clutter or any necessary tasks to do before going to bed. One can scan their home, check out for any clutter, place it back to its place, or maybe do a quick sweep on the floor, mop those dirty areas, or finish up the kitchen cleaning and folding away laundry.

Final Thoughts

All these tasks can be done before proceeding into one’s bedtime routine. Waking up to a clean and pleasant home can help alleviate stress. Moreover, it encourages one to keep up with their cleaning habits.

If these cleaning habits are practiced every day, maintaining a clean and pleasant abode will never be a problem for homeowners. And with a properly maintained clean house, frequent deep house cleaning would not be necessary. Since the deep-seated dirt and grimes are prevented and avoided by regularly practicing cleaning habits.

Deep house cleaning would only be necessary once or twice a month in a well-maintained home. And it is much suggested to homeowners to hire a maid service, like In this way, the house is professionally cleaned, doing the maintenance cleaning to be easier and lighter.

Living in a clean, neat and clutter-free home gives off a pleasant and welcoming feel, and it reduces stress, especially the stress associated with a dirty and messy house. And having daily cleaning habits will help one achieve that. Moreover, one would learn to appreciate every single task performed by seeing its results and benefits.

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