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Zodiac MX6 or MX8: Which Is The Best Suction Pool Cleaners? – 2024 Guide

For those who have own pool and those who good know the feeling when some of your friends come to have fun. You must understand that all of those parties have made a beautiful pool impossible dirty. Very soon you become exhausted from regularly cleaning one. It doesn’t matter will you clean the pool manually with a brush or special device. But if you have your automatic purifier you just need to leave some areas of the pool untouched and an awesome device will do all your job.

So it’s always a good idea to spend some cash on a professional purifier and save some money for more fancy stuff. OK, let’s pretend you are ready to buy a helper for you. And at that moment you meet one of the biggest problems — there are hundreds of different models in the shop, and it’s really hard to find out which one is better for you? No doubt, Zodiac poolside cleaners are really worth to pay your attention; Compare to other purifiers, Zodiac uses an original navigation technology to slowly drive itself around the pool floor and walls covering the entire area Zodiac can clean the tightest places with no fuss. According to its compact size, it is fast and strong. No wonder if you heard about other brands, but before the last decision is taken you have to understand that Zodiac — is a purifier that fits for everyone. It doesn’t matter how big your poolside is — different types of zodiac pool cleaner are definitely help you find your best solutions.

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Zodiac pool cleaner has a unique and stylish design. It needs less flow than other cleaner and saves as much energy as possible. Nowadays Zodiac pool cleaner has several models. And sometimes it’s really hard to choose which one is the better option for you.

Let’s look through the two leading-market models — Zodiac pool cleaner: MX6 and Zodiac MX8 elite — and compare them, read in this article more about this models.

There are some interesting features about Zodiac pool cleaner MX6. But before read them you have to understand one and important thing: MX6 has been created for small pools compare to MX8.

So if you have a small pool Zodiac pool cleaner MX6 is perfect fits for you. Talking about fancy futures we have to remind about:

Optimized Stream — It manages the water which comes through cleaner.

Cyclonic vacuum — Not only strong vacuum and wall climbing.

X-Drive Navigation — It helps you to clean the floor, walls, and other surfaces.

Easy-Grip Handle — take it to your friend’s house (to help him with the dirty pool) or easily hide it easily somewhere in the house.

Not sure that your poolside is small? Then you need a little bigger option such as Zodiac pool cleaner MX 8. Of course, there are more, than just a size, benefits of MX 8.

Dual navigation is the best idea for best poolside coverage with no hang-ups.

Spotless fan surface around event it’s vertical or impossible dirty.

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Dual cyclonic vacuum provides unsurpassed vacuum power, wider cleaning circuit, and largest debris intake

Flex-Power Turbine enables ultra-efficient operation on low flow without compromising power.

Now it’s more clear why Zodiac pol cleaner MX6 as good as MX8 but what to chaise ensure depends on the pool size.

Same design and mechanism that what is united both models. But they are quite different in their functionality.

Zodiac MX6 has Cyclonic suction compare to dual cyclonic suction of Zodiac MX8.

MX6 has 1 Gearbox and can turn around compare to MX 8 with two Gearboxes and reverse possibility as a bonus.

Zodiac MX8 had a wider cleaning circuit while MX6 equipped with a standard. The fixed flow intake of Zodiac MX6 is quite far from the adjustable mouth inlet of Zodiac MX8. Hose length is 10 m or 12 m respectively. Larger debris intake and wider body, of course, have MX8 while MX6 is on the top with light-weight.

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Zodiac pool cleaner MX8 could be rush purchase for small pools’ owner while big pools owner will get pure happiness watching as that robot doing its job in the best way. There is no difficult to pay attention to all details before making one of your best purchase ever.

Zodiac is a leader in producing low energy use gadgets. Brand Zodiac guarantee to each client even you will work with a low flow pump installed, the power stays on the same level. Using only 20 GPM of flow it could work inside all in-ground pools and as a result, won’t be bothering any pool system.

Both Zodiac Pool Cleaner MX6 and MX8 are quite powerful cleaners, with a strong cleaning path and great capabilities. So we recommend you to buy the model which get along with your pool size.

Spend money on a purifier, such as Zodiac is a really wise decision. Being confident in your fresh and clean pool brings you more fancy time with your friends and family around. You don’t need anymore to nervous about a spontaneous visit or crazy idea suddenly go swimming. Zodiac robot will take all dirty job on itself as well as even after one month you will totally forget about all the boring stuff between you and your poolside. Buying Zodiac MX6 or MX8 you, first of all, buy more valuable free time with your friend and family.

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