When to Start Buying Furniture for a New House: A Practical Timeline

Moving into a new house is an exciting endeavor that marks a significant milestone in your life. It’s a fresh start, a new chapter, and a blank canvas ready to be transformed into your dream home. One of the most important aspects of turning your new house into a home is filling it with furniture that suits your style and needs. However, determining when to start buying furniture for a new house can be a bit tricky. You don’t want to rush into it, but you also don’t want to live in an empty space for too long. In this article, we will provide you with a practical timeline to help you plan your furniture shopping wisely.

1. Pre-Move Planning (3-6 Months Before Moving)


Before you even step into your new house, it’s crucial to start planning for your furniture needs. This pre-move planning phase will lay the foundation for a seamless transition into your new home. You should try to find some great deals on furniture.

Assess Your Needs

Begin by assessing your furniture needs. Take stock of your current furniture and decide what you will bring with you to your new home. Consider the layout and size of the new house and determine which pieces will fit and which ones won’t. This will help you avoid overcrowding your new space or ending up with furniture that doesn’t fit the layout.


Setting a budget is a crucial step in the pre-move planning process. Determine how much you can afford to spend on new furniture. Take into account other moving-related expenses such as renovations, repairs, and decor. Having a clear budget in mind will guide your furniture shopping decisions later on.

Create a Floor Plan

If possible, obtain a floor plan of your new home. This will allow you to visualize the placement of furniture in each room. You can start thinking about which rooms will need essential pieces first, such as a bed for the bedroom or a sofa for the living room.

2. One Month Before Moving

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As you approach the one-month mark before your move, it’s time to get more specific about your furniture needs and start the shopping process.

Essential Furniture

Identify the essential furniture pieces you’ll need as soon as you move in. These may include a bed and mattress, a dining table and chairs, a sofa, and basic kitchen appliances. Prioritize purchasing these items, as they are essential for daily living.

Measure Your Space

Measure the rooms in your new house to ensure that the furniture you plan to buy will fit comfortably. Pay attention to doorways, hallways, and staircases that the furniture will need to pass through during delivery.

Research and Shop Online

Start researching furniture stores and brands online. Look for reputable retailers that offer a range of styles and price points that align with your budget. You can also read reviews and compare prices to find the best deals.

3. Two Weeks Before Moving

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With your move just around the corner, it’s time to make some concrete decisions and start purchasing furniture.

Place Orders

If you’ve found furniture pieces that fit your needs and budget, go ahead and place orders. Keep in mind that some items may have lead times or delivery schedules, so it’s essential to order them well in advance.

Coordinate Delivery Dates

Coordinate with the furniture stores to schedule delivery dates that align with your moving day or shortly after. Ensure that you or someone you trust will be available to receive the deliveries and inspect the items for any damages.

4. Moving Day and Immediately After

Moving day has arrived! Now is the time to execute your furniture plan and make your new house feel like home.

Set Up Essential Furniture

As soon as you arrive at your new home, focus on setting up the essential furniture pieces you purchased earlier. This includes your bed, sofa, dining table, and any other items necessary for your daily routine. Having these pieces in place will make your transition smoother and more comfortable.

Unpack and Assess

As you unpack your belongings, take stock of any additional furniture pieces that may fit well in your new space. Sometimes, you may not realize the best placement for certain items until you see the layout of the rooms with your belongings in them.

5. Weeks to Months After Moving


After you’ve settled into your new home, you can take your time to furnish and decorate it according to your style and preferences.

Assess Your Priorities

Now that you’re living in your new space, you may have a better understanding of your priorities when it comes to furniture. Perhaps you realize that you need additional storage solutions, like a bookshelf or wardrobe, or that you want to invest in accent pieces like coffee tables or side tables.

Explore Local Options

Take the time to explore local furniture stores, antique shops, and thrift stores. You might stumble upon unique pieces that add character to your home. Local options can also offer a more personalized shopping experience.

Consider Custom Furniture

If you have specific design preferences or unique room dimensions, you might consider ordering custom furniture. Custom pieces can be tailored to your exact specifications and can be a long-term investment in your home’s decor.

6. Ongoing Furnishing and Decor

Furnishing your new house is an ongoing process that can take several months or even years. It’s essential to be patient and deliberate in your choices.

Decorate Over Time

Don’t rush the decorating process. Take your time to find decor items that resonate with your style and tell your story. Decorating is a creative and evolving process that allows you to add personality to your home.

Budget for Future Purchases

As you continue to settle into your new home, allocate a portion of your budget for future furniture purchases. This allows you to gradually enhance and update your living space without straining your finances.


Furnishing a new house is a journey that requires careful planning, budgeting, and patience. By following this practical timeline, you can make informed decisions about when to start buying furniture and how to prioritize your purchases. Remember that creating a comfortable and inviting home is an ongoing process, and with time, your new house will truly become your dream home. So, take it one step at a time, and enjoy the process of transforming your empty space into a place filled with memories and personality.

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