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5 Tips and Tricks for Decorating a Room with Accessories

Being a homeowner is a very responsible role in life because it implies taking care of a whole household in numerous different ways. Providing the family with warmth, comfort, and overall coziness cannot be achieved without knowing what they need. However, there are always certain standards that exist in any home. Security wise, the premises must remain safe especially during the night. Then there are renovations that need to happen every once in a while as well as inspections by certified professionals to make sure the house remains optimal. All of this is a lifelong occupation and something that does not stop. Similar to owning anything else, you keep at it as long as that is your primary residence.

One other thing is important for the homeowner, one that is typically shared among all of the family members. Apart from making the home safe, warm, comfy, and more than just a place where people live, it should also look nice. Designing and decorating are very important as they have the power to transform any home in whatever way you like. It is customary to paint the walls to match the carpentry and the furniture, but what about the rest of the things you have visible in each room? What about the accessories that life and character to every corner?

Well, if you need help with this, we have you covered. In this article we will focus on the most useful tips and tricks for decorating a room with accessories. Read on to learn more about this and be sure to check out for additional information.

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  1. Quality Over Quantity

This is an approach that works for just about anything. It is hardly restricted to accessorizing the home, but it is perhaps more easily achievable than with something bigger and more expensive. Items that are mass produced and readily available just about anywhere are inexpensive for a very good reason. The home goods store in your neighborhood may be close and convenient, but are those really the best you can find? Is this really the best option for your home? Remember the good old saying that doubles as the most often used approach for home decoration, less is more. This means a few statement pieces that are of high quality and that have some artistic value in them are always better than a bunch of meaningless, poorly made trinkets and ornaments that you found at a value store. Quality items are more satisfying to own and to look at. They are more capable of bringing out the best aspects of the room. Chose it over cheap knockoffs every time and your home’s decoration will flourish!

  1. Mind the Proportion

Now, we hardly have to talk about how different every home is. Big or small, convenient and traditional or modern and unique, there are always accessories that can either make or break the whole unison of the interior. Caring about the proportions is how you use the space the best way, how you open the room that is small, and how you fill up a larger room so that it does not feel empty. Why put a small rug in a spacious, open living room? While cram large paintings together on a small wall when smaller pieces would look better? Scale and proportion are everything in interior design, with bigger things like furniture and storage but also with smaller stuff like accessories. Making a home comfortable, interesting and fun to be in, and peculiar to look at is easily achievable with nice accessories around the place. Just make sure they are the proper size for their designated place.

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  1. Color and Texture Combinations

The colors and textures of the items you plan to have lying around and filling up the space cannot be of just about any combination. They have to complement the furnishings and the permanent fixtures of your home. Otherwise they will look out of place and attract the wrong kind of attention. Make sure to use accessories to add some needed visual interest and contrast, especially if your home is sporting a minimalist design with mostly neutral colors. Depending on your mood, the season, and the style you most agree with, you can add some color that will disrupt the neutral nature of the interior and bring in some life and cheerfulness. Let the already present items in each room guide your decision and pick things that are a little bit different in the material they are made from, the texture they have both to the look and the touch, and the colors they have.

  1. Arrange Asymmetrically

Wanting everything to be perfect is no way to have a relaxing and inviting home that looks and feels cozy. Accessories should never be something that appears to dictate the mood and impose on the order and the behavior of people inside. It is much more efficient and natural to have things like candles or vases in odd numbers, in groups, and not symmetrically places on each side of a larger thing. It does look clean and neat to have a mirror in the center with art of house plants on each side symmetrically placed. However, it usually feels boring and like a snooze to enter and spend time in a room that is trying to be perfect. Reaching balance and peace if much more important than trying to keep everything tight. Go for an odd number of decorations like one or three instead of two, four, or five. We promise it will change the way you perceive a nice looking home that has interesting accessories around.

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  1. Know What to Get

So we have told you what to put in your home, where, and how to arrange it. We have mentioned a few of the go-to decorations and accessories, but what else makes most sense to have in a home? There are no rules, which makes it fun and exciting, but there are certain things to try out that usually work out. When it comes to lighting, floor, table, and pendant lamps are amazing. Baskets and bins not only look good but they can double as storage. Books and magazines scattered on club tables are always cool. Glassware like vases is timeless, as are candles and candle holders. Natural elements like house plants and seashells are a must, as are mirrors and hanging wall art. Have some pillows and cushions on your sofas and armchairs, and a rug or a doormat here and there. Easy peasy!

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