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10 Creative Religious Wall Art Ideas

There are hundreds of religions practiced around the world, and each of these religions has beautiful concepts. So, you have billions of religious wall arts to boost your home décor. You only have to make your preferred choice of religious wall art and give your home touches of elegance.

Using religious wall arts does not only apply to religious people. It applies to people keen on exploring various beauty concepts to give their home an extraordinary appearance. If you are also seeking this for your home, then religious wall art is a good choice.

There are various wall art décor ideas you can get from the religious world. Religious wall arts come in various styles, themes, structures, etc. You can go solo on a style of religious wall art to give your home a harmonious look. You can also create a mixture of religious wall art styles to give your home a more unique and creative appearance.

With all said, here are simple and creative religious wall art ideas you can use to improve your home décor;

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  1. Lion and lamb wall arts

One of the most widely practiced religions in the world is Christianity. Getting beauty for your home décor from this religion should not be a difficult thing to do. Using lion and lamb wall arts for your home décor is an explicit illustration of Christianity. The lion and lamb are two significant animals in the Christianity religion.

They represent an important personality in religion. Using wall arts that display the images of these two animals will give your home a good appearance. Make the wall art massive to increase the beauty in your home.

  1. Wall arts with cross

Another significant element of the Christian religion is the cross. The cross is so significant; many people wear it across their necks to show dedication to the religion. You can as well show your dedication by having wall arts with a cross in your home.

Wall arts with crosses provide a special kind of beauty to your home, so you do not only have to have it in your home for dedication to the religion. If you are a fan of unique beauty, you can use these wall arts to boost your home décor. They will surely add beauty to your home.

  1. Wall art with Islamic calligraphy

There is beauty in calligraphy, as there is more beauty in Islamic calligraphy. Give your home a nice appearance by using wall arts with Islamic calligraphy. The calligraphic wall art can come in various colors and styles, ensuring a boost in your home décor.

Use other elements of home décor to complement the beauty of your wall art. You can make use of furniture or other Islamic antiques to perfect the beauty you are portraying. Also, you can be skillful by adding other wall art types to give a unique beauty.

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  1. Wall arts with religious colors

Colors play an essential role in today’s world. Colors can be significant and unique to people, groups, countries, religions, etc. Different religions have colors that are specific to them. Use wall arts with these colors to provide your home with a gorgeous look.

Colors like green, gold, black, grey, etc., all have meanings and deep association with the Islamic religion. Yellow, blue, etc., are also colors associated with Buddhism. You can use wall arts that create a perfect illusion with these colors to boost your home décor. It is a good way to give your home a neutral appearance.

  1. Wall arts with images of a mosque

There is so much beauty to get into the Islamic religion. Incorporate this Islamic beauty into your home to ensure you give your home the best appearance. Using wall arts with images of mosques is one way you can beautifully decorate your home.

Our wall art can have multiple mosques or a single mosque image, depending on your choice. It can also include images of places of significant places like Mecca, Medina, etc. These places are holy, so give your home a taste of the holiness.

  1. Wall arts with an image of Buddha

Buddhism is one of the largest religions practiced in the world. Your home décor can speak of Buddhism by using wall arts with an image of Buddha. Various wall arts feature Buddha’s image that will suit your home décor.

Some wall arts can have a sketched version, painted version, printed version, etc. You can also add the sculptured Buddha image in your home to enhance the beauty the wall art creates.

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  1. Wall arts with a sculptured image of Lord Ganesha

When speaking of religious beauty, you do not want to pass by Hinduism without making a register. Hinduism is also a popular religion practiced by young and old. The beauty in the religion lies in its activities, its gods, its worshipping strategy, etc.

Having wall arts with Lord Ganesha images, one of the gods in the religion, will enhance your home décor. You can have wall arts with only lord Ganesha or have images of different gods on the wall art to provide your home with beauty.

  1. Atheist wall arts

Another large religious group in our world is the atheist group. Atheism encompasses the beauty of science, nature, the universe, etc. Giving your home this kind of beauty will provide your home with a feeling of uniqueness.

You can use wall arts that include images of scientists, philosophers, the universe, nature, etc. These wall arts will enhance your décor and give your home top-notch beauty.

  1. Multiple religious wall arts

You can harness great beauty by using multiple religious wall arts in your home. These multiple religious wall arts might seem weird, but it is sure to provide a unique and exquisite beauty for your home. Using this wall art idea will require you to be cautious while making your choice of wall arts to combine.

You have to combine wall arts with a similar style and theme to give the best. Combining wall arts with widely different themes can confuse your home décor. You can give your home décor the best by making the right choice of wall arts to combine.

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  1. Lord Shiva wall arts

Having wall arts of gods can be a good way to incorporate the beauty of Hinduism into your home. Give your home the beauty it deserves by using wall arts with images of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva is one of the most significant gods in Hinduism.

Having the image of this lord in your home is a good way to decorate your home. It will give your essential home beauty and enhance its décor.


There are several wall art ideas you can pick from various religious concepts. You can showcase and flaunt your religion and preach your faith while beautifying your home. Check out various suitable religious wall arts at ElephantStock.

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