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How HEIF/HEIC To JPEG Converter Can Help Graphic Designing Professionals?

In recent years, HEIF has become one of the remarkable file formats for images. In 2017, Apple announced the switch from JPG to HEIF. They reported the switch of image format across every product in their lineup.

Soon, the trend was followed in the technology sector. HEIF is grabbing attention because of its compression capabilities without compromising the image quality of files. It means more photographs will need less storage space and the image quality will be better. Users will however have to use software applications if their devices are not yet compatible with this new format.

What is HEIF?

HEIF is an abbreviation for High-Efficiency Image File [it is also called HEIC], a format that uses a contemporary compression algorithm to store images in as small size as possible. Simultaneously, the HD image quality of this format is crystal clear. The algorithms used to compress the images are different than its predecessor H.264 that contracts the file size as well as retains better or same image quality.

The format is an ampule instead of file extension, and more flexible than JPG. HEIF’s non-destructive capabilities have made iPhone manufacturers use this format on their devices to support pro-level images and live photos.

Unfortunately, only popular web browsers like Apple’s Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox support HEIF. There are many other social channels, applications, and printers that are still not compatible. Fortunately, they can use HEIC to JPG converter for solving your problem. If you desire to print the HEIC photos from the original file first convert them into JPEG and then print.

Which image format is better – HEIF or JPG?

  • The image quality of HEIF is much better as it has more overall depth. An HDR that captures 10 or 12-bit color depth will find HEIF results more striking. Besides, you can even crop or rotate the photos without saving for a second time, thus a great format for picture editing.
  • In terms of compatibility, JPG dominates HEIF as it has been around for more than two decades. On devices that don’t support HEIF, you will need to use a converter to view saved images in JPG format.
  • HEIF is capable to deal with compression levels higher than JPG while maintaining better or the same photo quality.
  • Undoubtedly, JPG is great for sharing images because of its compatibility across different platforms. Nevertheless, iOS 11 converts .heic files to .jpg automatically while sharing with a social media platform or a non-iOS device. You can say that the HEIF format also offers good compatibility.
  • HEIF is capable of storing many image formats simultaneously including live images, animations, burst photoshoots, and more. JPG can save a single image in one file. Thus the former offers more flexibility.

Besides compatibility issues, HEIC is a superior file format as it opens an entire amazing world of file size compression, high color depth, and impressive quality.

Advantages of HEIC format over JPG

  • JPG is a proven and reliable format for images but times are changing. Swapping the traditional format with the latest HEIF means capturing images on iPhone or iPad will take very little storage space in comparison.
  • It is great because there is an increase in clicking of photos and videos by mobile phone users. Users have to always keep an eye on the amount of space left. The introduction of the HEIF file format reduces this space problem, which is good news.
  • This minimization or compression technique used by HEIC doubles the number of data or images users can keep in HEIF format similar to JPG of the same dimensions.
  • It is stated on Apple’s website that next-generation HEIC will allow users to store images with the same HD quality but with half the size. Users can go for high-resolution files with similar dimensions as JPG.
  • HEIC supports 16-bit color images, which is great for photographers dreaming to capture magical moments by using their iPhone.
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How to convert HEIC file format to JPG?

A simple and quick way to deal HEIC compatibility problem is by using quality software like reaConverter. It efficiently helps to manage an array of conversions without any need to spend hours brainstorming on how to convert several HEIFC files simultaneously. The software even helps to choose image editing options, while conversion.

  • Download and install the conversion software. It is simple and you can do it without the help of technicians or pro.
  • Start the software and load your .heic files that need conversion into .jpg format. It also converts in batches, thus you save energy and time dong repetitive conversions.
  • After uploading the .heic files, browse to the output folder or point out where you want to save the files.
  • You can even choose to apply extra editing features.
  • As an output format clicks on JPG.
  • Press the Start button and conversion starts instantly.

The command-line interface equips advanced users to convert the .heic to .jpg using automated or manual mode. Graphic designing professionals working on iOS or macOS devices will find .heic to .jpg converter more helpful as it speeds the process.

How graphic designers can benefit from using HEIC format?

Until now graphic designers used JPG file format to decrease file size, but it has its limitations. They used it to send JPG image files to their clients for a quick preview. JPG files offer flat images and every edit needs to be saved in a single layer. On the other hand, upgraded HEIC compression technology supports an array of file types, while JPG supports still images. HEIC files are capable to store innumerable data types.

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  • Separates images, thumbnails, and properties.
  • Picture sequences include photobursts and cinemagraphs.
  • Metadata involves EXIF and XMP information associated with stored images in the file.
  • Auxiliary data like audio, video, alpha planes, and depth maps.

JPG file format has been helping graphic designers a lot, and is totally compatible with a majority of systems and devices. Nevertheless, HEIC has the potential to acquire 2X smaller images in comparison to JPG without any loss of quality.

3D and 4K technologies are on the development curve for reducing file size and enhancing transfer speed. HEIF format style seems to be an ideal solution for those problems. However, JPG is still the most popular image format today.

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