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7 Simple Ways to Backup Your Instagram Profile – 2024 Guide

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks today, with more than 1 million active users. We can see that most of us are sharing various content every day, and using this app is a really fun way to communicate with your friends. Also, this online platform can be used as a virtual album of memories, since you can save pictures from some important events and occasions like wedding, birthday, and many more.  

However, if you want to download any content that you previously shared on Instagram, it can be a complicated process. There is a backup option on Instagram, but the files you download will have poor quality. On the other side, there are various online platforms that you can use to download content from social media. For example, you can use oDownloader to download any picture or video from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.

Furthermore, there are some programs specialized for backing up Instagram accounts that you can use instead of the option provided by the official support team. Here are the best simple was to backup files from your Instagram account.

1. Instasave

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Instasave is an Android app that you can use to back up your files from social media accounts. The main feature and benefit of using Instasave is a simple interface where you only need to download the app from the store, and then turn it on. When the app is ready, you will have to visit your account and select the files you wish to download. There is also an online method, where you have to visit their website and submit the download link there.

2. Dsgn Instagram Importer

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This software is the best for people who are running a WordPress website, and it can help you to backup all your files from Instagram to the media gallery in WordPress. Also, there is no need to manually select one by one file, because this plugin has an automation feature. All you need to do is to download the Dsgn plugin in your browser and activate it by connecting it with your social account. People who have blogs are the ones that are using this plugin most often.

3. IDrive

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One of the most popular ways to store your files is by using various cloud services. IDrive represents a cloud service that you can use as a backup of your Instagram account. The main benefits of using this software are improved interface and simplicity. Also, there is a high level of security, since all files that you want to backup with this program are going to be protected with encryption. The method of backing up is simple, and you only have to visit their website, connect it with your account, and select which files you want to download. Another great option is that you can download files from various accounts at the same time.

4. Instaport

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Instaport is another simple tool that can help you to save your videos and pictures, or download content from other people’s accounts. The process of selecting and download content is very simple, like with other similar tools. However, Instaport might need a little longer time for synchronization with your account if you select a great number of videos and pictures to download at once. Also, like when you use the backup option on Instagram, this tool will download the files as ZIP format.

5. Ifttt

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The Ifttt represents a great online platform for downloading data from various social accounts. This service requires you to register and connect it with your profile. However, there is an app that you can download for both iOS and Android devices if you want yo save files in your phone storage. All files that you select will be uploaded on IFttt service, and you can choose to download them directly or in your cloud, drive, or dropbox.

6. Download Gram

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This tool is one of the easiest in this list, and you only need to visit the Download Gram website and paste the URL address of the content that you wish to save. However, the process is much slower since you can download files one by one. On the other side, it has an amazing design and speed, which makes it perfect for people who occasionally want to download some files from their accounts or the accounts of people they follow.

7. 4Kdownload

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4Kdownload is also a good tool for searching and watching videos from Instagram. This platform is available for PC, Apple, and Linux operating systems. You will need to download the software and link it with your account. It is one of the fastest methods to download all of the content that you have. One of the best features is that you can download photos and videos from the people you are following. Since Instagram is available only as an app, 4Kdownload is an excellent way to search this social network with your PC.


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All of these programs are offering you the possibility to backup your Instagram account, while the difference between them is in the speed, flexibility, and user-friendly interface. However, it should not represent a problem for anyone to use each of these programs. On the other side, we advise you to always check the reviews and experience from other people that are using some of these apps, to make a simpler choice of which one you should start using.

Backing up files from Instagram is very important, especially in the case that someone manages to steal your account and try to take advantage of you by sharing misleading content or blackmail. Besides that, you should be aware that some of the programs for downloading data can also put you at risk if hackers get to steal files from their servers. That is the main reason why you should use these programs only as one of the solutions, and use the official way for backup at least once a year. Also, the best way to save all your pictures and videos is to keep them in your cloud and storage memory.

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