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Instagram – The Best Platform to Sell Online Courses in 2024

For anything new, people are no longer glued to a newspaper. Most of the people now spend their day browsing the web. They connect with their friends via social media. They read news and share whatever they want. In fact, they promote their business by means of social media apps. Instagram is without any doubt one of the most powerful social media tools. It has an unimaginable 800 million monthly users. This figure is soon to surpass the mark of 1 million. Due to such an extensive user base, big companies even buy Instagram followers to create a buzz around their product

How Companies that Sell Courses Use Instagram

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Instagram is a wonderful tool for every aspiring online tutor.  It offers an opportunity to promote your business and if you run a school you can let as many people as you can about your school without any problem. As you can easily share pictures and videos on Instagram, you can use videos of activities done in your school or any highlight points so that people become motivated to send their children. According to this website, the good thing about this platform is that if you wish to garner success all you need is superb storytelling ability with pictures and your job is done. Images send a very strong message and go a long way in building your brand.

Course Highlights

Highly engaging visuals along with strong keywords can be used to explain the course in a better way. Instagram is a platform where you can use your creativity to achieve the best outcomes.  It is interesting to know that the human brain processes an image 60,000 times faster than text. So, rather than placing advertisements in print media, if you sell online courses, more and more people will be attracted to buy them. Pictures vividly describe the course content and so the candidate will clearly know what he or she is going in for.  A good option is to buy Instagram likes to propel the popularity of your online course.

Who uses Instagram?

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Instagram is particularly popular among the millennial. Whatever information that they need, they look for it on Instagram. Every photo that you put on Instagram builds a human connection between the person who put the picture and the one who views it. So, for instance, if you put some information about an online course with some nice visuals, students without a doubt will be drawn to it and will join the course if that suits their needs and requirement. Also, the retention span for any information is more on Instagram than any other platform.

So, all this makes Instagram the best medium to sell any kind of online course. The younger population is particularly drawn to it and if they feel that something is good, it will without any doubt accumulate a lot of attention. Also, Instagram demonstrates a high rate of user engagement than any other similar platform. Online instructors should keep all these points in mind and explore various features of Instagram to their advantage.

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