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What are Auxiliary Devices and What are Your Alternate Options – 2024 Guide

Have you ever experienced to transfer some of your photos from your phone’s internal storage to some external USB flash drive? And worse, delete some of your files to accommodate new photos and videos? The saddest among all!  Well, right now, with the existence of technology, you may now store information in various ways.

First in the queue is the use of a memory card which can add extra space for your mobile phone. Secondly is the use of an online Cloud wherein you can keep gigantic information. Lastly, the occurrence of the USB flash drive where you can access information whenever you are without the use of power supply.

The auxiliary storage devices help you to suppress the loss of your data from any damage or malware. It also enables you to store more movies, videos, and photos in huge storage capacity. Now, USB flash drives may contain more gigabytes, which means unlimited space for your documents.

Your generation is indulged with these advantages, so you must maximize your learnings since you can have gather tons of information in just one USB stick. Going further, have you notice other methods to store your media files? Well, stay with us and know more.

Ways to Store Your Media Files

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Practice regular backups – Make it a point where you can duplicate your file in other storage devices.

Create archives – You can use optical disk or traditional devices to store photos and other files depending on its flexibility. Twice a year, you may retrieve and transfer it to fresh media to check if it is still working.

Place archives in a cozy place – This way, you can increase the lifespan of your media or files. Apart from this, you can also transfer your social activity with your archives files to assure back up copy.

Make open formats – You may transform your documents away from proprietary formats.

Encrypt your archive – Ponder to put signature to your archive to avoid vulnerabilities.

You have already known some strategies to keep your photos and videos. Now, are you aware of the features that an efficient flash drive has? Read more and keep involved.

Photo stick –One-Click Storage Device

If you are fun of taking photos and filming theater events, Photo Stick is all you need. This is a flexible USB flash drive that can organize, manage, and save files instantly. It automatically retrieves and duplicates photos, video records, and other files. The 64 models of Photo stick can hold up to 30,000 photographs. The largest model, which is the 128 model, can hold 60,000 pictures and has a 128GB storage capacity. You can now embrace and welcome unlimited photo op and blog sessions. To learn more about the photo stick back device visit at holgadirect.

There are numerous advantage a Photo stick has and this include:

  • Large storage capacity and faster transfer rate
  • A good alternative for Cloud Storage
  • No internet connection required
  • Takes numerous file formats
  • Easy to use
  • Optimal security

USB Flash Drive – Factors to Contemplate

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The mobile device has a certain weakness, and one of them is the storage capacity of internal storage. Here at this point, a USB flash drive is very useful to compensate for the lack of storage. Here are some factors that might help you before you purchase any USB flash drive:

Transfer Speed – The first thing you should ask yourself is the capability of your flash drive to transfer files. We have two types of USB flash drives that differ in the transfer rate. The 2.0 flash drive and 3.0 flash drive. The latter is faster as it can transfer 640MB per second.

Prize – Quality comes next to prize, so even if you buy cheaper USB stick, it does not mean you got the quality that you are searching for. Even if it demands higher, you can assure that you have a quality storage device that can last longer.

Privacy Protection – It is good to have an encrypted USB flash drive that can secure your personal information. It can either be as hardware or software encrypted flash drive. Either way, you can benefit from a password-protected flash drive.

Storage Needs – This might be crucial for you, particularly if your purpose is to keep large files. That is why it is necessary for you to at least assess your preferred storage capacity. Anyways, right now, you may choose from USB flash drive that has a storage capacity of 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32 GB, and many more.

Utilization of USB – It is a must that you define where you propose to use your USB flash drive. You may intend to use it as a gift or for business purposes. Whatever purpose it may have, you should identify it for you to choose the best product according to your needs.

Extra USB application – USB flash drive can also be used as a marketing tool. You may use it to show promotions like catalogs or videos. You can also use it as an auto-run wherein you can mechanically introduce presentations.

Types of USB Flash Drive Based on Usage

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There is various USB flash drive that differs in many features like the style, storage capacity, transfer rate, and port. Here we will consider the USB flash drive that differs in the manner of utilization.

Security Flash drive – This type is just a typical storage device which only differs in the way it is protected. It can be via rational security or physical aspect. One example is the Cryptex that requires a combination lock to access information. On the other hand, some only involve password protection like the IronKey. Either way can protect your data efficiently.

Music Flash Drive – It is an obvious storage device for your music. The function of this type is to transfer music from the device to a new device. Most of these music flash drives are used for its portability. Well, if you want to copy certain music, you have a readily available external copy.

The Boot Flash Drive – You can derive by its name how it is used. It is a very powerful flash drive that can restart your computer. Once you plug in this into your computer, it will place the lost operating system and after it can work now.

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