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Where to Place Home Security Cameras? – 2024 Guide

Have you ever considered protecting your home with more than just a security door? Security cameras are a fairly common and interesting option to ensure the protection of our family.

Once we have decided to install these cameras at home another question arises, where do I place them? What are the most vulnerable points in the house? What are the key points to place it? What are the best ones?

Dark doorways, hidden windows, or back doors that look like an invitation to the home break-in. These weak points are the points where thieves usually trying to use, in an average home. We are going to try to summarize some tricks or tips to determine where to place the security cameras to avoid that situation since it is crucial in providing adequate protection. Strategic locations of surveillance are part of the success in detecting intruders.

Above the front door

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Thieves routinely enter the front door, so installing one at that position is crucial. It is a way to deter thieves or catch them in the moment and record details that can be crucial for the police.

In addition, the security cameras on the front door will also allow you to see live how children get home from school, check everyone who is approaching the house, etc. Everything from your smartphone and other devices. Also, you can call professionals to take care of CCTV and everything else. You can find more at this link.

Above other exterior entrances

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Thieves either enter through the front door or will try other entrances such as the basement door, the garage door, or any other front door to your home. So the others should also have their security camera.

Be aware that thieves will try to enter through any door. It’s not just a safe front door, the rest should be, too. Many basements have access hatches or small windows that are large enough to access the home through them. You can install a camera on the stairs leading from the basement of the house to record any suspicious movements in this area.

In your home workspace

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What is the place of your house with computers, printers, telephones and other electronic devices easy to sell? In your home workspace. It is also the place where you surely keep important personal documents, passports, bank documents, safe … which can be used by a thief to steal your identity. Therefore, it is recommended to install surveillance in your home office.

Towards the back of your house

Surely in the back of your house or in the garage you have bicycles, garden equipment and other objects that thieves can easily sell to get cash. It is another of the most common targets of thieves, that’s why it is another of the places where you must install it.

In the baby’s room

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Installing surveillance in your child’s bedroom is the best way to improve their safety and protection. You will have a wider view of the whole room, something that baby recording devices do not have, in addition to being able to record and store videos. In addition, motion detection cameras can alert you if someone is in your baby’s room or if your little one escapes from his crib.

Some details to consider

One of the points to keep in mind when placing surveillance at home is lighting and direct light sources and height. If these factors are not taken care of, they will prevent the cameras from working properly and will prevent thieves from being identified.

Many times when installing it outdoors you do not have the necessary shelters in direct sunlight, and you get bad images.

Several of the indoor camera models come with a self-adhesive system at their base, but it is better for the long term, that the camera be screwed to the wall. In this way it is more difficult to withdraw it or violate it for its uselessness.

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Another tip is to put dissuasive elements at the entrances of the houses, such as the signs of guarded property. These posters, and the very presence of cameras outside, act as deterrents when it comes to committing a robbery.It is also important to choose the correct model for each case.

Also, finding the right place is not only thing you should consider, but also check the regulations.

Can a neighbor record the interior of my property or the public thoroughfare?

No, since the capture of images is limited to the interior of the house. Therefore, the areas of the public highway, adjacent land or houses or any other foreign space are excluded. There is only one exception: the minimum access path to the house. Likewise, the use of adjustable or zoom cameras requires the use of safety measures to protect the privacy of people.

In my community they want to install security cameras, what is the procedure for this?

The installation of video surveillance in a community of owners must be approved at the meeting by agreement of three-fifths of the total number of owners and participation fees. If a security service already exists and the recording system is complementary, a simple majority would suffice.

Can a neighbor install it in a common element of the farm?

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No, unless you previously obtain the unanimous consent of the owners.

Is the installation of cameras in the home considered to be private use to monitor the tasks of the domestic service worker?

The employer can install cameras for this purpose at his home as long as the worker is informed.

What happens if the crime or infraction is captured?

If images that involve the commission of a crime or infringement are captured, the competent authority will be informed through the delivery of the recordings and accompanied by a complaint. It is important to note that these images cannot be used for any other purpose. Likewise, the recording may be required by the security forces and someone of a police or judicial investigation.


Now that you know the ideal position and all the other things you need to pay attention to, all that remains is up to you to improve the security of your home.

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