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Reasons Security is Priceless – 2024 Review

An automated home security system sounds like one of the most expensive luxuries of life. But the reality is the opposite. The price paid for the service is nothing to the tasks being done. Not only this approach is economical but time-saving, carefree, practical, and need of the hour. Everyone around the globe can afford it as per their requirement and budget. Security of the house is not only confined to the building but also the people living under the roof.

When it comes to people, we mean our pets, which are our immediate family, our best friends. There was a time when people used to worry about where to leave their pets when they were going out of the house. This problem is no more a problem. An automated home security system helps you keep an eye on your pets and entertain them as if you are present by their side.

Multiple current technologies are combined to turn a home security system into an automated home security system. Not only the property is guarded against outside. Instead, the property is secured inside out. The automated home security system is a package that includes home automation, monitoring small businesses, pest control, etc. Usually, 3 monitoring plans are offered by the companies. The first one is a basic plan, which includes the installation of the necessary equipment.

The second plan is an up-gradation to the first plan and adds an application to it. The application is connected to the mobile phone and hence provides services on the go. The third plan is a premium plan; it includes a 7” tablet touch screen. Multiple features are embedded in it. Most of the features are quite expensive, for instance, glass break sensor, built-in camera, z wave technology, etc. To explore the word visit this site.

Small Business Security

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As the name suggests, an automated home security system seems to be applicable in terms of home security only. However, the application of this system is much wider than its name. It could help a businessman maintain the security of his business; because the security cameras and other sensors can be installed easily in a small business building just like in a house.

Office activities could be monitored from home. If extra equipment is required, then they could be added as well. The increment of equipment will lead to an increment of charges as well.

However, the basic charge plan remains the same. Similarly, home automation features from automated home security systems  could be embedded in it. As a result, the businessman can get more control over the business. If the system is connected to the respective application, then it can be monitored from anywhere.

Cellular landline phones are no more required.  All customers are set up with cellular wireless monitoring. If an existing home security system is automating, it takes 45 minutes to 15 hours on average. If a new system is being installed from the scratch, it takes more or less 2 hours.


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Once you choose the company from where you want to get the system installed, you can pay online, set up auto-draft, send in a check, set up bill payer with your bank, or call in payment over the phone. While making a payment, make sure to take into account all the precautionary measures required to keep your money safe.

If a person changes his mind over time and wants to stop availing of the service, the company must receive a 30-day cancellation notice from their support page online, email, mail, or fax. Several companies offer a maximum of one year warranty to gain the trust of their customers. Later, standard service call charges are applied.

Extras Bonus for Using Automated Home Security System

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A few companies offer several bonuses with their long term contracts. For example, if a customer signs for an annual plan, the company charges for 11 months. And the customer cherishes one month services free of cost. The same offer applies to the customers who plan to avail of the services for one year but couldn’t pay in advance.

Therefore, they split down their payment in auto-drafts. Once they complete their tenure of 11 months, then the services of the 12th month are offered free of cost. A time of 12 months is given to the customer to pay off the expense of the equipment. It means no interest is collected from the customer for the first 12 months.

Similarly, a one year warranty is given to the customers. Any equipment installed by the company is under the umbrella of a warranty along with labor for one year. After one year, extra charges will be applied for extra maintenance.

Alarm Trigger

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A dispatcher immediately calls the customer on the registered number. If the company doesn’t receive an answer, the police or fire department are directed to the respective home immediately. If the company does receive an answer, it verifies the customer’s password, and at that point, the customer can decide if he wants the company to dispatch or not. Several companies do not charge for not so true alarms.

Most police departments do not respond to automated home security alarms without a permit. Therefore, most cities and towns have ordinances requiring you to register your alarm with your local police department. Contact your local police department or city hall to obtain your permit application. Once registered, make sure to call and give the respective permit number.

Before signing a contract or making a payment to a company, make sure the company is registered and is functional with police and other authorities. Try to go to a company with a good repute. One can talk to his friends and family members if they are already using an automated home security system. If none of them is availing the facility, then deep net surfing should be done to get to know the reality of a company. This will help you make the right decision.

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