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How to Find the Perfect Coffee Table for Your Small Room – 2024 Guide

Coffee table. How complicated can it get? You might be thinking it is super easy but then you would be wrong. It is not. Yes, there’s a chance that you’ll walk right into a store pick the right one, and leave, and everything would be fine. But, this doesn’t happen too often. N most cases this is a long process that takes many things to come together. For some, this is going to be a hard decision and they’ll need steering while making it.

For one, our eyes are tricky, and the most common mistake we make is the one regarding height. You need to guess this part right, both in terms of height and width. The coffee table can’t exist on its own inside a room, there needs to be furniture next to it and you must know how to make it work. It all comes down to the already existing style within your home, and the space you want to be filled. Certainly, you also have the style of your own and needs that suit your lifestyle, so this would also come into play. Furthermore, if you have family or pets, things will get even more complicated. There are just so many things to think about.

So, to make things easier for you and help you pick the right table, we have come up with this little article that should be helpful to all of you looking for a new furniture addition. As we said, there is a chance that you’ll find a perfect piece that is precisely what you were looking for, and experience the love at first sight at But, if this doesn’t happen, you should read our piece on how to find the perfect coffee table for your small room.

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Beware of The Height

As we said, height should play a major role in any purchase of this piece of furniture. The coffee table serves its purpose in many ways, but its primary one is to be the carrier of coffee. If it happens that it is too high or too low it can get you into various awkward situations.

Comfort should be your first thought when it comes to this table, and your living space allows you to make zero mistakes. The coffee carrier needs to be on the same page with your sofa and surrounding chair, with it being of ideal height if it is a bit lower than the highest cushion next to it. If it towers next to surrounding furniture it doesn’t leave a very good impression. So, whatever you do in this department, never forget about the height.

 Proportions Are Vital Too

As we said in the passage above, the height truly does matter, but it is only a part of the general proportions. Once you settle on the right height the tie is right to star6t thinking about length and width. This is where its synergy with the rest of the furniture comes into the storyline.

The other piece of furniture that you need to tie it to is the sofa. In no case, your new table needs to be longer than a sofa. This is not something you should ever do. The coffee table should only be two-thirds the length of the sofa lying next to it. Once paired these two pieces of furniture should be like Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet – minus the tragedy part.

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You’ll notice that we have priorities. Height, width, and length are all essential when going for a new piece of furniture, but they’re not all that should be on your mind. The next step is knowing the ideal shape that fits into your home perfectly. This is where things could get tricky as there are many shapes available and they could cloud your judgment. As you probably know, these tables come in square, rectangle, round, or oval shape, and anything in between.

Once you have it all settled in your mind, you should never forget about the clearance. It is all about comfort in a small space, and you don’t want to feel uncomfortable in your home. Furthermore, you don’t want to strive for your furniture at all times. Anything less than 12 inches of clearance from the sofa is deemed too little and you should go even to 18 inches of clearance if possible. The TV should be at least 25 inches away. This much clearance will allow everyone who drinks coffee at your place to have enough space to move around and to enjoy the stay.

Balance Things Out

The room can be warm, it can be cold, it can be close it could be far. It’s all about the balance you manage to strike. The main thing you should be focused on is comfort, but it needs to be closely followed by balance. Space, where coffee is consumed, is the one where you spend most of your day when at home. Since the work-from-home frenzy started due to coronavirus it became even more essential to have this space within your home tied up.

Proportion and balance should matter once you have your eyes set on the ideal piece. This can be done by paying attention to some small detail. For example, go for the opposites. If your sofa has skinny legs, look for your table to have chunky ones. You can do the opposite if the situation requires it. When it comes to balance, things are handled with ease if you know a few designer tricks.

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Be Mindful of Your Needs

The bottom line is that you know yourself and your lifestyle, and you should look to accommodate whatever you do in life. Getting a new coffee table shouldn’t be any different. You know your home, the rest of your furniture, your friends and family members, and yourself in the end. Take all of these things into account when on a hunt for this piece of furniture. Please yourself above all else.

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