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Web Hosting Services VPS and Shared Hosting Server

Many websites hosting servers offer you various services, and advantages offer their brand such as colocation, shared hosting server, cloud hosting server, dedicated hosting server, and the Virtual Private Server.

In this article, we will talk a lot about the Virtual Private Server (VPS). In detail, you will get the comprehended information about web hosting services VPS, the definition of VPS hosting, slight details on the shared hosting server, and also the comparison between the Virtual Private Server (VPS) with the dedicated server. Let’s get started to go collect the information below.

VPS Web host

Virtual Private Server or commonly called VPS for the majority of people, is a perfect solution in website hosting are because it has several features that make the process in website hosting is able to be more optimized in the performance aspect, security, and also the accessibility. Before we dig more in-depth about the definition of vpsserver and its benefits to our website hosting activity, you need first to understand what is hosting in the website hosting area and the procedure in the hosting for your website. Let’s get started.


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Hosting is an activity to make a website can exist in the digital environment. Once a website appears in the digital environment, a website can be accessed by people worldwide by the internet without limited by time and space. You can get many advantages with this method. Some are described as Effective media for product and service campaigns, self-actualization, learning media, and personal marketing where you can offer your expertise and skills there. Research has revealed that the development of selling through online platforms such as e-commerce or marketplace is experiencing thriving for the last decade. It is common because the internet or online platform breaks the global selling rules that bind a person by time and space. Today, people from the Philippines can be easily selling or buying goods from a seller in the United States with a simple click on their desktop or phones.

The hosting activity procedure is starting from the visitor’s computer of the other devices that their browser will send the request signal or message to the server computer on your website hosting establishment. After that, the computer will process the request signal or message on their processor to identify the request with the database’s indexed data. Next, the server computer will dive into the datacenter and finding the required files to be sent back to the visitor’s desktop. Finally, the required data or files are sent to the client’s computer and ready to be enjoyed.

The whole process seems complicated for the common people to understand, but actually, the process can be done in milliseconds matter. Then what about a process that spends more time than a second? Research says that a website that took a load-page duration of more than three seconds has a higher percentage to be not visited in the future. Load-page time is closely related to the user experience (UX). A user with a bad user experience in your website means no further visit in the future.

The hosting process in the VPS (Virtual Private Server) is similar to the common hosting activity. The things that differentiate VPS hosting and the other website hosting services are located in the resource allocation, virtual computer, and also the component in its database.

Resource Allocation

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Virtual Private Server (VPS) is using the dedicated resource method in the resource allocation. This method allows the user to get the full resource for their website hosting for themselves without sharing it with the other user. Bay this procedure, the user can get better protection and the fastest performance for their website hosting activity.

Protection or security in the website hosting is a must because, in your data storage, you are storing your selling progress information, customer’s information, essential files for your business, and the invoices. If it gets trouble caused by the outside attacks, your business can directly get into trouble. To avoid that, you can use the Virtual Private Server (VPS) or dedicated server to make the data and files in your website hosting database become safer than before.

Virtual Computer

A virtual computer is a manifestation of the real physical computer that is digitalized or virtualized to create the most effective and efficient allocation for the user using a Virtual Private Server in the world. The performance given from virtualized computer is similar to the physical computer. Hence, you can make several virtual computer arrangements, such as installing software, changing, installing software, or even changing the operating system (OS) from Windows operating system to Linux operating system (or the opposite).


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Virtual Private Server is mostly and always powered with the latest technology on its computer’s components. For example, the hardware used in its database is always using the SSD (Solid-state drive) instead of HDD (Hard disk drive), which producing the fastest performance in the data transfer. The transfer process is also supported by the high-end processor that able to help the speed performance in the hosting activity.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is one of the website hosting services that having the characteristic to spare its resource with several users at the same time. Shared hosting is the best option if you need a website hosting service at a lower price with minimum features. The majority of a shared hosting server is dominated by the newcomer website hosting practitioners or the small business that needs to save more instead of finding the best website hosting services that can give them the best performance to boost the selling.

For the performance comparison, shared hosting is having the advantage in its low-price that affordable for most people compared with Virtual Private Server (VPS). It is normal because you can buy iron cheaper than gold, right? If you are a newcomer in the website hosting area, you can use shared hosting for the first step, and for further action, you need to move to VPS for better performance in any aspect of your website.

Is VPS or shared hosting more secure?

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The answer to the question which one is safer between Virtual Private Server (VPS) or shared hosting? The most rational answer is Virtual Private Server is safer than shared hosting in many aspects.

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