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10 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Dryer Vent Cleaning – 2024 Guide

The average person may only know the very basics of dryer vent cleaning, but knowing more about this important service is an absolute must whether you’re a homeowner or a renter. Knowing when and why you should get your dryer vents cleaned ensures the safety of your home and of your family. Here are 10 facts you should, but probably do not know about dryer vent cleaning.

If you are looking for reputable dryer vent cleaners services, will take care of the job for you, make sure you choose one that is appropriately licensed and insured to ensure a quality outcome.

1. A dryer vent cleaning can reduce excess household dust and humidity

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What is in your dryer vent is usually also what will be floating around in your air at home, as it can very easily travel from your laundry room to the rest of the house. And if your dryer vents are full of dust, that dust will be in your home affecting your indoor air quality and causing damage to people’s health at home, especially dangerous for people with allergies to dust. Dust can also harm the health of small animals, so cleaning your vents is also a way to care for your pets.

2. Clean dryer vents help preserve the life of your clothing

Care for your clothes begins and ends with the laundry cycles you subject them to. A dryer with a vent that has not been thoroughly cleaned will need longer dryer times to thoroughly finish the cycle, and this can harm your clothes as they are not usually made to withstand extended periods of heat. By cleaning your dryer vents regularly, your laundry cycles will be shorter and more efficient, thus extending the lifespan of your favorite pieces.

3. Efficient laundry cycles mean lower energy costs

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Dryers need a lot of power to operate, but there are many techniques to minimize the power they will use for every laundry cycle. One relatively simple technique is cleaning your dryer vent to make sure your dryer is operating as efficiently as possible. When dryer vents are clean, hot air can more easily enter the chamber where the clothes are and you’ll find that drying times are overall shorter. Shorter drying times mean less time that the dryer is on, cutting down on your next power bill.

4. 2900 clothes dryer fires are reported each year in the US on average

That’s a lot of house fires. So how do you keep you and your family safe from ever suffering such an event? There are many things that can cause a dryer fire to start – including faulty wiring, old or outdated construction codes, and the very thing we have been discussing: blocked dryer vents. Lint is an extremely flammable material and its build-up in our dryer vents poses a dangerous fire hazard.

5. 34% of dryer fires are a result of blocked dryer vents

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Statistics don’t lie. And statistics on house fires show that dryer vents that have not been professionally cleaned are responsible for over a third of all house fires in the US. That just shows how dangerous it is to neglect cleaning your dryer vents at regular intervals. Keep you and your home safe by scheduling a professional dryer vent cleaning service today.

6. Cleaning your lint trap on your own cannot sufficiently clean a dryer vent

A lint trap is a part of the dryer where lint that comes off clothes is held and safely kept until the time you can go in and clean it out. Many people think that the presence of a lint trap means that their dryer vents are clean, but that is not true at all. Lint and dust can be minuscule and very often slip through lint traps where they build up in our dryer vents. When a dryer vent has been left alone for long enough, you will often find that a massive build-up of lint has managed to pass through the trap in the dryer.

7. The length and curvature of the dryer vent can affect how easy or hard it is to clean.

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Dryer vents come in all kinds of different sizes, lengths, and orientations. Many can be long with many bends. Generally, any dryer expert will dissuade homeowners from this type of dryer vent and instead recommend a shorter and straighter vent. This is because shorter and straighter vents not only help make your dryer cycles more efficient but they are also far easier to clean.

8. Taking care of your dryer extends its life

This one should be fairly obvious, but it is still worth mentioning. Appliances that are not well taken care of usually have far shorter life spans compared to appliances that are regularly maintained and cared for. And part of taking care of a dryer is cleaning its dryer vents regularly. This is because shorter and more efficient laundry cycles that result from clean vents mean that the machine does not have to work as much to give you dry clothes.

9. Blocked dryer vents mean the need for more laundry cycles, which will reduce the number of cycles a dryer will be capable of performing in its lifetime

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When you forget to have your dryer vents regularly cleaned by professionals, you are not only putting you and your home at risk for house fires. You are also shortening the life of your dryer, a necessary home appliance that does not come cheap. Cleaning your dryer vents could very well save you hundreds of dollars in a replacement dryer.

10. A professional dryer vent cleaning service should not be expensive

You may have heard from someone else that hiring dryer vent cleaners San Diego and elsewhere can be expensive. But the truth is that it should not be costly and more reputable dryer vent cleaners will often recognize that the service – as lifesaving as it is – should be affordable and accessible for everyone who needs it. So before you hire someone to do the job for you, remember to call around for quotes to find the best fit for you and your budget.

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