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Solar Street Lights 101: Advantages and Disadvantages – 2024 Guide

Significant technological advances have paved the way for the rebirth of street lights because of solar-powered ones. All in one solar street, solar flood, and solar garden lights are just some of the solar lights that became more and more popular for the past decade visit to know more.

Solar street lights are outdoor light sources stirred through photovoltaic (PV) panels. These PV panels have a rechargeable battery, yielding power to the LED lamp at night time. Due to many advantages that the solar lights offer over their minimal disadvantages, many users are switching from conventional outdoor ones. Check out below the reasons why the majority convert to the solar street lighting system.


Many people are shifting to solar light because of the following benefits:


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The solar street are wireless lights that are independent of the utility grid. They are dependent though on the heat energy given off by the sun and storing as much of it throughout the day. And since the solar ones are 100% green energy, this results in zero operational cost as well as letting you save money in the long run.

Energy Efficient

In every electrical light, a power supply is needed to transmit 110-220 alternating current (AC) voltage into direct current (DC) low voltage for LED chips. Due to electrical transmission, 10% of the power supply goes to waste.

Fortunately, solar lights do not require a power supply. Therefore, no electrical energy is being wasted whenever solar lights are used. This is why the luminous efficacy of LED chips can be maximized to use. For instance, a typical LED light can reach 140lm/w only through the electrical source, but a solar-powered one can be around 155lm/w.

Flexible Investment

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There are many regional places, such as rural mountains and islands that do not have any means to set up an electrical power grid. A solar lighting system can be a solution for the people residing in these areas, as much as solar street lights can be your good source of investment too.

Effortless Installation

Generally, electric lights installation needs a wiring trench by a professional electrician. However, solar installation requires neither wiring trench nor professional electrician. Surprising as it is, everyone can install solar ones in a matter of five minutes after following the included manual.

Safer To Use

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Similar to LED, a solar cell is, likewise, a type of semiconductor. One thing to know is that all semiconductors are running in DC low voltage, relevant to lower chances of overheating. Hence, DC low voltage is safe for the human body compared to dangerous 110-220V AC electrical power.

Furthermore, using solar street lights minimizes the risk of accidents since solar wires do not have external wires. Unlike using the conventional street light, which can be hazardous because it can cause electrocution or strangulation.

Smart Control

Solar street lights that have smart control has the following features:

  • Dark to Dawn Dim – solar lights are turned on at night time and switches off at day time automatically.
  • Motion Dim – solar lights are only switched on when it senses a nearby motion.
  • Auto-time Dim – solar lights are set to be switched on in several time sections.

Convenient To Use

Due to the smart control systems of solar street lights, they now require minor maintenance in switching on and off the lights.


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It is undeniable that solar street lights are environment-friendly because their power source is green, clean, and renewable energy. And since their panels are dependent on the sun, solar lights’ application eliminates your carbon footprint contribution.


On the contrary, solar lights also have a fair share of disadvantages, such as:

High Initial Investment

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Solar street lights demand higher initial investment in comparison to traditional street ones. This is the main factor why some are expressing their second thoughts in terms of shifting to solar street lights. The long-term benefits and more extended life cycle benefits are being overshadowed due to this disadvantage.

High Risk for Theft

Solar lights have a high risk of theft since they are non-wired and have a high monetary value.

Requires Regular Run Down

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Solar street lights must be regularly checked due to the following reasons:

  • Snow and Dust Accumulation – Snow, dust, or moisture can pile up on horizontal PV panels. This can cause a reduced or full stoppage of energy production – the reason why solar street lights should have a regular run down. Especially when situated in areas that experience extreme weather conditions, since they can be damaged and have a shorter life cycle.
  • Rechargeable Batteries Replacement – Rechargeable batteries are required to be replaced several times within the lifetime of the equipment. And just like any other components, they get exhausted as well, that is why this must be done as part of your maintenance cost.


Now that you have known both the advantages and disadvantages of using solar street lights, it is time to deliberate the overall benefit. Do you think the pros top the cons? Is it worth spending? If you answer two yeses, then don’t hesitate to give it a try. Your reason is also the same as the people who switched to solar street lights.

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