RV Inverter for your Motorhome

How to Use an RV Inverter for your Motorhome?

For those times you don’t have water or electric hookups, an RV inverter might be the solution to your worries. Let’s delve into the operation of it, for your next camping trip.

Here are the 7 Things before use it in an RV

Things 01: Limited Amenities

In cases you don’t want to start up the generator, an RV inverter will work wonders. For those who prefer dry camping, It is a noiseless, gasless alternative which allows you to:

– Use small appliances

– Run warm water in the RV

– Operate computers and other electronic devices.

No fumes, no noise, and easy operation. A 130-watt inverter is typically sufficient for smaller appliances.

Things 02: Powering Up Larger Appliances

A TV, gaming systems, and other larger appliances can operate on an RV inverter. Today, these items are equipped in many RVs, and if not, families are bringing them along when camping.

A more powerful inverter, between 350 to 400-watts, will typically suffice for these appliances.

Things 03: How much Startup Current is Required?

Think of it this way, for an 800-watt microwave to operate on your inverter, you might require a 1500-watt in your RV. The current, battery rating and other variables will play into the requirements for your charger. It is, of course, important to know how it operates.

RV Inverter for your Motorhome
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Additionally, the solar panels, grids, and other energy sources used might impact the rating requirements for it.

Things 04: What’s the Purpose?

An inverter is designed to increase voltage. If your RV is operating on 12-V battery, It will transform that voltage into 110-V, through single or multiple outlets, to distribute the power. Its basic purpose is to garner as much energy (voltage) as possible, allowing RV owners to fully utilize electric sources.

Things 05: Inverter or Generator?

Inverters and generators serve basically the same purpose in an RV. They generate power. Or, in the case of this power charger, it increases the voltage, allowing RV owners to spread electricity through the RV, to operate multiple appliances.

Things 06: Pure Sine or Modified Sine?

Inverters are available in pure and modified varieties. Pure sines are more powerful, capable of producing greater energy production and work best for operating multiple appliances.

A modified sine is a “lighter” version of the pure inverter. It can operate small appliances and allows you to run hot water in the RV. For more details, check the following guide here.

However, TVs, laptops, or other large appliances, won’t operate on the modified sine. When possible, pure sine is the superior alternative and better utilizes energy distribution.

RV Inverter for your Motorhome
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Things 07: Final Words

An RV inverter is necessary, especially today. We simply can’t live off the power grid, and in some cases, we need to rely on an alternative source of energy, these provide additional currents to your RV, increasing the voltage of the RV’s battery, allowing you to utilize more appliances at the same time.

The right inverter will make camping more enjoyable, and get you out of a bind in situations where you’d otherwise face extremely difficult challenges while camping.

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