Email Verification

Benefits of Email Verification

Email verification or email validation is the process of verifying the accuracy and quality of a specific email address and taking the necessary precautions of separating valid from non-valid emails.

The process involves checking if the syntax of the email address is correct and valid, and there are a couple of examples that describe invalidity of email addresses.

  • If the email contains two dots after the domain name
  • If the email is missing .com or .org
  • If the email is missing “@”
  • If the email is missing a “.” Between the domain name and .com extension

Benefits of Email Verification

There are many benefits to using email verification besides reducing email bounces. In this article, we are going to take a look at the best ones.

1. Ascertains Accuracy of Your Data

Email marketing is still very much alive and works completely fine, despite some people calling it an outdated way of digital marketing. Though email verification, you can make sure that your data is of the needed quality through looking at the results of validating mailing lists. If you see a large number of undeliverable or incorrect addresses, then you need to take a step back and improve things.

Email Verification

2. Reduce Email Bounces

According to TheChecker, email verification can tell you which address is undeliverable, which is deliverable, which is role-based, and so on. Email verification can help you reduce bounce rates by removing the addresses that don’t get any content delivered to. With this, you can make sure that all of the data you’re sending to your email list gets delivered.

3. Saves Money

There can be a lot of addresses that are not safe to send content to. By using email verification, you can make sure which address from your mailing list is safe, and which isn’t. If we add to the fact that sending and receiving emails costs money, you can reduce costs by having your content mailed to fewer, legit, addresses.

4. Gives Accurate Insight

The biggest benefit of using email verification is that it cleans your emailing list of all the fake and unsafe addresses. Once you’ve done that, you can safely move on and send emails to real addresses. From here, you can gain valuable insight from all the people who are opening your emails. You will get real numbers into key CTR strategies, and make changes to those strategies accordingly.

Email Verification

5. Increase Your ROI

Having a cleaned email list means that you are sending emails to real people and to addresses that you’ve specifically targeted for your email campaign. If an email is targeted to a specific address (es), then you have a better chance to engage the recipient. If you’ve successfully engaged the recipient, then you have better chances of gaining the desired result, which is the recipient purchasing something from you. This means that by having email verification, you have a bigger chance of achieving the desired ROI.  By putting your resources to better, and more efficient, use, you are lowering costs while increasing your revenue. Which is ultimately the goal for every entrepreneur and the goal to every digital marketing strategy.

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