Email Verification Service

Why It Is Important To Employ Email Verification Service

Even in this day email plays a crucial role in conducting business. Everything from personal emails, work emails, newsletters, etc, are sent via email. An email was once predicted to die off with the emergence of the fax machine. But we’ve seen since then that the fax machine was the thing that went before email did.

Email is also strongly incorporated into our lives. Our smartphones have important features linked to our email addresses.

With email playing a vital role in today’s socio-business relations, it’s important to have proper security by employing email verification services.

What are Email Verification Services?

Email verification services are services that verify email addresses before they even arrive at your inbox. There are a couple of crucial features of email verifications and those are:

  • Email verification performs security checks on email addresses and removes those addresses if the security means are not met by the algorithm
  • If the service detects a malicious email address, then the service will permanently block all communications between your address and the malicious address
  • Email verification services perform a complete check of your entire inbox and sent section and run security checks on all addresses that you’ve previously had communications with.

Email verification services are extremely important when it comes to running a business, especially if the people who work for that business use email on a daily bases. These services play a crucial role in identifying malicious addresses and blocking them before they even make it to your inbox. They secure your email address against SPAM mail, and they make sure each email you sent gets delivered in time.

Email Verification Service
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Benefits of Employing Email Verification Services

According to, much importance is put nowadays on data validation and verification. The same importance should be put in email verification as it provides marketing campaigns important data.

From the host of benefits email verification services offer, here are the best ones.

1. Personalization

Nowadays, it’s important for businesses to know what their customers want. That can be achieved by employing email verification services. Through such services, you can easily get feedback on what users regard as spam mail and what they don’t. You can then draw valuable information and receive more personalized feedback on user needs and demands.

2. Protect Sender Reputation

Email verification services allow you to clean out your email list. In today’s time, there is a thing called sender reputation, which is the kind of reputation a person creates when sending emails to ISPs, ESPs, etc. Many factors build your reputation as a sender such as how often recipient’s flag your emails as spam. By having a clean email list, you can rest assured knowing that you aren’t sending emails to any addresses that won’t open or reject your email. This subsequently ends email bounces.

Email Verification Service

3. Provides Valuable Data For Future Campaigns

The best thing about employing email verification services is that your sales team gets valuable feedback and data from customers so they can modify your future campaigns to be hugely successful. As your subscriber list grows, more and more people gain interest in purchasing your products. But your mailing list gets purchases only if the email addresses are accurately targeted. If you received bad sales numbers from your last email marketing campaign, then maybe it’s time to employ email verification services. For more details check “

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