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How Reading Short Erotic Stories Can Help You With Your Sexuality

Are you struggling to discover your sexual preferences? Is your low libido impacting your relationship? You should start reading short erotica stories today to help you better understand your sexuality.

How can erotica influence my sexuality?

You see, sexuality is the most misinterpreted term. Mostly, people relate sexuality to physical intimacy, but in fact, it is how a person experiences and expresses their sexual desires. It involves the emotional, social, and biological feelings of an individual.

With Literotica reading, all forces behind sexuality can be triggered together. For instance, the University of Western Ontario conducted a study on young women who read erotica online. The study respondents said they sought online erotic literature to gain knowledge on different sexual topics like LGBT relationships.

Another study showed that erotica helps to bring out empathy among readers. So, erotic short stories can give you the knowledge to understand your sexuality and also emotionally empower you to embrace it. But that’s not it; explicit reading and your sexuality are also linked in many other ways. Let’s scroll down to know how erotic literature can help your sexuality.

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Helps to Understand Your Sexuality

The majority of lesbians, gays, and bisexuals say they were in their teens or young twenties when they first started to feel they might not be straight. For some people, even the late 20s and 30s have been sexual awakening periods. Due to social restrictions or lack of sexual knowledge, many people don’t get a chance to explore their sexual preferences.

But erotic stories can offer you a golden chance to understand your sexuality. When you read about different types of sexual relationships and how they work, it gives you an insight into your own sexual desires.

For example, if you prefer your own touch over another person’s touch, it doesn’t mean that something is wrong with you. It simply implies that you are autosexual and prefer to masturbate rather than be physically intimate with another person. Reading can help you understand your sexual preferences because there are over 50 types of sexualities.

So, if you are yet to discover your sexuality, reading different types of erotic stories can guide you through the process.

Helps You Figure Out Your Sexual Satisfaction

Do you know 75% of women never reach orgasm alone from intercourse without tongue, finger, or sex toys help? On top of it, 10-15% of women never reach orgasm. The main reason behind the low orgasm rate among women is that they don’t know what they want? They don’t know what they need to reach orgasm.

With erotica reading, men and women can both understand their sexual preferences. For example, when you read about BDSM relationships, you can learn how delaying orgasm or sexual punishments like spanking or belting can heighten sexual pleasure. You can also learn to safely practice BDSM acts after reading different erotica stories.

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Helps Elevate Your Sex Drive

Low libido is a very common problem among people nowadays. Busy lifestyle and hectic work schedules impact one’s sex drive pretty badly. Daily, people have to deal with work stress, home stress, and even relationship stress. All this stress can take your sexual desires away and make you sluggish. Moreover, if you are on medication or going through hormonal changes, it can also reduce your sexual appetite.

It doesn’t matter what’s influencing your low libido; with erotic reading, you can easily revive your passion. When you are reading a steamy scene, it can fully engross your senses. For the time being, you won’t care about dirty dishes or college assignments; only one thing matters — what’s happening in the story. You only care about how two fictional characters pleasure each other and the dirty dialogues between them.

Also, all the steamy words can arouse you. While reading explicit content, you can masturbate to stimulate your sex drive. Especially before having sex with your partner, you can use erotica as foreplay to arouse yourself. To relax and prepare yourself for a promising night with your partner, you can click here to find sensual online short stories.

Helps Vocalise Your Sexual Needs

Some people aren’t familiar with their sexual preferences so they cannot vocalise them to their partners. But many know what they yearn for sexually, but they don’t have the confidence to share their thoughts with anyone else. In fact, many people in long-term relationships can’t talk freely to their partners about their sexual needs. Due to social hesitation or low confidence, people bottle up their desires and lead unsatisfactory sex life. 

Here, erotica can give you a much-needed push to express your thoughts and sexual desires without any hesitation. Even if you can’t directly discuss your sexual needs, you can share your preferred erotic short stories with your partner to convey your message. Additionally, erotica can boost your confidence to freely satisfy your sexual needs.

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Helps Spice Up Your Sex Life

Sometimes, couples get too busy balancing their work and home life so they barely get time for each other. Especially for new parents, sex becomes a long-distance memory that they can’t recreate between sleepless nights and diaper-changing marathons.

Erotica can be the magic wand that can cut monotony and dullness in your bedroom. Reading different erotica stories can introduce you to various new sexual positions, foreplays, cultures, and sex toys. So, whenever you feel like your sex life has gone dull, simply steal a page from your favourite erotic story.

You can also enjoy erotic stories with your partner to ignite your sexual desires. For example, you can take an excerpt from a raunchy sex scene and read it to your partner, or you can both read to each other. You can also borrow a scene from your favourite sex story and enact it with your partner.

Sex & Erotica

Erotica can help your sexuality in numerous ways. It can help you understand, explore, and even boost your sex drive. Once you start reading erotica regularly, you can learn to pleasure yourself and your partner better. In short, erotica is the easiest way to discover your sexual preferences and find ways to achieve them in the right manner.

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