Women Prefer Men with Beards, Just a Myth?

Women Prefer Men with Beards, Just a Myth?

Women prefer men with beards in modern society more and more as years go on. Bears have always been a symbol of a strong man and masculinity. It is therefore normal for women to find guys with beards more attractive because it shows they are a “true man”, to put it like that.

Of course, not all guys who can grow a beard want to or think they themselves look better while sporting one. And that is fine, not all the women prefer beards anyway.  In this article, however, we will see do women prefer men with beards, and how common it is.

Men of today grow all kinds of beards, from closely cropped stubbles to long beard reminiscent of wizards. Most women find a well-groomed man with masculine characteristics attractive, however long the beard.

source: baldingbeards.com

Studies on whether women prefer men with beards

There is a work from 2008 by Neave and Shields, which examined the effects of facial hair on the perception of attractiveness, dominance, and masculinity in women. They asked various women to rate male faces. Digitally altered faces with different styles were shown, clean shaves, light and heavy stubbles, short and full beards. Women rated dominance, aggression, masculinity, social maturity and attractiveness.

Men with a light stubble came on top as the most attractive, preferred as short and long-term partners. The faces with full beards, however, were thought of as the most masculine, aggressive, and socially mature. They were also said to look older. Light bearded men were considered the most dominant of all.

In 2013, another research took place. Dixson and Brooks used similar procedures and judgments by both men and women. The result was the same when it comes to the most attractive. Full beards here were considered the ablest to parent children, as well as the healthiest. The masculinity also increased with the length and the amount of facial hair.

Men agreed on most of these with the ladies, except the fact that they apparently find full beards as appealing as the heavy stubble. They agree that the more facial hair there is, the more masculine the man is.

The overall ratings can be looked at like this: Average level of a facial stubble is more attractive when considering a s*x partner. On the other hand, a full beard is thought to be the sign of good fathering ability, and more investment in offspring and family.

Women Prefer Men with Beards, Just a Myth?
source: beardgrowthworld.com

How it actually is

All in all, a man’s beard preferences come down to his own goals and the preferred look of his romantic partner. Guys who really want to be noticed or even more s*xually appealing should opt for a masculine stubble on the cheeks. Along with nice clothing, manners and flirting, and they should be fine when it comes to the ladies.

Those in happy, comfortable and long relationships should try a full beard. Girlfriends and wives who do not mind facial hair will surely appreciate the fact their main looks masculine, healthier, and an overall fatherly and family type they can rely on. Fathers with a beard also look more sturdy, in control, and trustworthy, as well as abler.

In both cases, keep it tidy at all times and trim any loose ends from time to time to make it clean.

Of course, many women do not even care for facial hair because it is not their type of thing when looking for a partner. To them, anything goes, from smooth cheeks to a full beard. It all comes down to what they look for in a man, or what kind of man is the best option for them.

For the ladies reading this, do you think women prefer men with beards, and what do you like more? And for the guys, what is your go-to look? Are you willing to change it?

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