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5 Strategies Women Use to Stay Fashionable and Trendy This Year

Over the years, fashion trends have come and went. Many were atrocious, others were keepers, but they all had big hair, remember? Some caught on and stayed around a while, and others were fly by night evolutions to our style that came as quickly as they went.

Fashion is part of our life, our world, and our society, and it plays a large role in who we are, who we are influenced by, and who we will become later.

In the ever-popular world of social media, fashion has never made such a huge statement as it is today. Fashion influencers from Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and many more are giving trendy-tasting ladies a platform to pronounce their style to the world.

We began to question what makes a fashion statement, and how could every woman continue their path to fashion and stay on trend consistently. What we discovered were five strategies every woman should use that will keep them on the straight and narrow of style.

1. Purchase Versatile Items

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Many women in this world use shopping trips as an opportunity to fill their wants and needs on the spur of the moment. A beautiful item can attract your eye very quickly, and sometimes it can be hard to determine whether or not you really need it. You already know you love it, but women who stay on-trend are always asking themselves the tough questions, “Does this work with something in my closet?”

This question will allow you to continue fashionable looks into every season because you are purchasing items that work together, not against each other. Sometimes women get into the habit of buying seasonal items, and while that’s okay, they won’t be able to wear that white with that pink during the winter months.

Always purchase items with a plan and determine what you have now that would look great with it. This site, who offers modest dresses for women, states that when you shop with a plan, you come out ahead in your wardrobe every time. Be aware of your plan, and do not stray from it.

2. Make Sure Your Wardrobe Fits

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Fit is one of the most important aspects of any style trend. It doesn’t matter how hot the item is at the moment, if you’re not purchasing the correct item that fits your body style, you are sabotaging yourself. Understanding what fits means, you know your body style and can realize the type of clothing you’re about to purchase.

Expert stylists say that when a lady is interested in an item, the fit can be determined by trying on. However, this action can also mean that even though it may be a little too tight or a little too big, you can talk yourself into the idea that it doesn’t look that bad. This is where it is so important to monitor yourself. Remember the plan? Stick with the plant and keep yourself on a tight leash when it comes to fit.

Holding onto items that you never wear is a terrible thing to do, especially if you are trying to minimize the size of your wardrobe to add more to it. The things you can’t wear, give them away, and move on to the next item.

3. But It’s on Sale!

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Many women have been won over plenty of times just because an item has been marked down, and they consider it to be a bargain. Perhaps it may be something they don’t even need; however, they will still consider purchasing the item because it’s such a great deal.

Refrain from falling into this trap, because you need to remember that unless it is something that you clearly want to add to your wardrobe, it probably isn’t going to do you any favors. Another aspect of being stylish has to do with saving your money as well. It is all part of a bigger concept of style.

Why purchase 3 bargain items you don’t need when you can purchase one beautiful item that costs the same thing, and you will wear it more? Think of it in terms of usage and need instead of, “But it’s on sale!”.

4. Out with The Old

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There are lots of ladies in the world today who have closets that are stuffed full of clothes they don’t even wear. Whether it’s nostalgia or something else, for some reason, they are hanging on to an old trend that isn’t even around anymore. Being frugal with your closet is yet another way you can make room for the new in your style.

This is why it’s so important to take the older items out of your closet every time you add new pieces to your wardrobe. This will keep your closet from overflowing, and it will allow you to keep the unique items in your fashion wardrobe.

5. Discover the Fashion World

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One of the ways you can expand on your fashion and style sense is to get out there and discover new fashions and trends. With the online age, women all over the world have an opportunity to do their homework and choose the right style they love. We mentioned Instagram and Facebook having multiple fashion influencers posting every day, these are great platforms to watch for new styles popping up all over the world.

You will never know about the new fashion unless you continually browse what’s new. Follow as many fashionistas as you like, and make sure their style is congruent with yours, and we guarantee you will find something you love.

You’re Beautiful

Your fashion and style determine almost everything there is to know about you. Someone’s first impression can be greatly impacted by the clothes you wear and the way you present them.

All in all, remember that you are beautiful no matter what others say or think, so make sure you are wearing clothing that makes you happy and elaborates on your personality because that is how you are going to shine.

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