Women's Empowerment, Gender Equality and Kazakhstan's Future

Women’s Empowerment, Gender Equality and Kazakhstan’s Future

Even though women provide a ton of value to the world, it’s not until now that they’re being taken out of the context of second-class citizens. Truthfully, there still are plenty of cultures that see women as second-class citizens. However, times are changing. In America, more women are leading corporations and leading as trailblazers than before. They’re becoming more comfortable with demanding equal pay and making sure others recognize their value. Countries like Kazakhstan are following suit as they’re encouraging and celebrating women and their achievements. Even though the country has been intentional with their celebration of International Women’s Day and their gender equality efforts, there’s always more work to do. When it’s work that concerns empowering the women of a nation, it’s work that’s worth it. Whether it’s Kazakhstan, Senegal or America, there are ways that all nations can become more responsible regarding the empowerment of women.

Messaging to All Women

It’s never too late for a woman to learn that she’s smart, capable and special. So many women go through a lot because of the messaging they receive from the media, family members and more. This is why motivational messages are so essential. Whether it’s through monthly billboards or content found in national publications, consider sharing empowering, motivational quotes that inspire women to be their best. Each motivational message serves as a seed as referred by oberlo.com. The more often a woman sees and hears empowering dialogue surrounding her abilities, the more likely she’ll be receiving the messages and accept them as her personal and professional truths.

Women’s Empowerment Sessions

Within the schools, places of worship and community efforts, more people need to host women’s empowerment sessions. Women’s empowerment is not just a theme for the month of March. It should become a way of life. Find women who are doing powerful deeds and living inspiring lives within their community. Sometimes, exposure is the main way for others to learn. If young female children see a woman who is serving as the CEO of her own company, this will teach them that they can do the same. This is one of the reasons why President Barack Obama’s election was such a monumental experience. He broke a ceiling with the country. Most people of color never dreamed that a Black man would make it to the White house. However, there is a new generation of children that don’t know what life is like without an African American man in the White House. Their perspective is forever changed. When young girls continuously see women who are managing companies, writing books and chasing their dreams, the more they’ll be able to believe that it’s possible for them to do as well.

Women's Empowerment, Gender Equality and Kazakhstan's Future

Equal Representation within Companies

Representation within major companies is so important. If a company doesn’t have gender equality and diversity, this needs to be a sign that the company needs to do something different. Between the hiring manager and human resources, it’s important to instill a system that demands diversity. This doesn’t mean that the hiring practices need to become discriminatory. However, the main reason why there are more men in certain workplaces is that they’re taken seriously and given opportunities to evolve. Whether the resume has a woman’s name at the top or a man’s name at the top, the point is that hiring managers need to look at respect and appreciate the work of both genders. It’s also unfair to expect women to work in the same ways that men do. A woman’s intuition can be one of her most powerful assets. The work culture needs to shift when it comes to women and the unique soft skills they can bring to businesses.

Internships, Practicums and Educational Opportunities for Female Students

Educational opportunities are essential for all women. Whether they’re in high school, college or graduate school, it’s important for companies to maintain specific internships and practicums that have an equal amount of qualified men and women. When the opportunity is given to them to thrive and learn within the workplace, this helps them to prepare for long-term success. Advocacy must happen on both sides. Leaders within educational institutions must advocate for their students. They need to be intentional about partnering with companies that have a demonstrated desire to hire and train more women to become excellent additions in various fields.

Women's Empowerment, Gender Equality and Kazakhstan's Future
source: kazchess.kz

Political Representation

In Kazakhstan, the political environment is still overwhelmingly dominated by men. This is dangerous because of the fact that women are directly impacted by the rules political leaders make. When you don’t have a woman sitting at the table to advocate for the experiences of other women, this leads to lawmaking that primarily considers men. In an age where more women are entering the workforce, laws concerning maternity leave and gender discrimination must be addressed. No one can speak up for a woman better than she can.

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