Keep These Tips in Mind if You Want to Date an Asian Women

The act of dating Asian women has become more and more common as they are considered one of the most beautiful women on this planet. So if you have found an Asian girl that you really like, but don’t know how to approach her and what you should do, there are some things you need to understand first to take her to successful dates.

While Asian girls are mostly the same as all the other women around this world, there are some traditional things that they want and follow. Trying to understand a few things about her culture and traditions that will surely impress her.

Dating is surely a difficult task if you do not have a lot of experience with it. You have to think about what you should talk about. How fancy should you dress? What are the dos and don’ts during a date? Should you call her or should you wait so she contacts you? There certainly are too many questions when it comes to this topic and we will try to answer all of them for you.

Here are some of the tips you should keep in mind when dating Asian girls.

Asian women love good first impressions


You might believe in your lucky shirt that you bought ten years ago, but a date is not about luck, it is about the impression you leave. So, get yourself a nice pair of pants or jeans and a nice shirt or a cool t-shirt.

Don’t overdress yourself, just go with something casual unless you are going to a very fancy place. Although, we recommend that you don’t go to such a place for a first date.
You need to give the impression that you care about how you look and not just to impress her. You do not have to go to the mall and get yourself two hundred dollar pieces of clothing, a nice shave and a shower will do just fine.

Choose the right place

Dating surely comes with a lot of challenges, and choosing where to take her to date is surely one of those challenges. If she left you to choose where you should go, then you should probably choose somewhere where both of you will feel comfortable.

Don’t take her to a place you both have never been before as it can get quite a bit uncomfortable and unfamiliar. Take her to someplace you have already been where you know you will feel comfortable in the atmosphere. According to, Asian women love when men offer to share the bill instead of paying the full price by themselves.

Confidence, confidence, confidence


We cannot stress this enough as this is something that every woman looks for, especially Asian women. Even as a man, when you see a confident woman, you instantaneously find her attractive even if she is not your type. Not only will your belief in yourself make her more attracted to you, but you will also have an easier finding new subjects to talk about. It will help you feel more enthusiastic about dating her.

If you have a problem talking to people you have just met and you are shy, there are a few things you could do to improve your nerve. One of the best ways to improve your confidence is to start doing things that you usually avoid.

Did you want to talk to the cashier last time you were in the market but didn’t bother to do it? Next time make sure to do it. Did you avoid talking to that girl in the night club last week? Well, next time just do it, don’t overthink it. You do not have anything to lose. By overcoming the fear of confrontation and denial, you will feel much more confident in the future.

Let her talk

Everyone loves to talk about themselves and the same applies to Asian women too. They can be a bit shy at the beginning, but after you get her talking and she gets comfortable, she will definitely start sharing stuff about herself. A sign that a date night is going the right way is when both of you talking.

So, if you feel like you are oversharing too much stuff and she is just listening to you, start asking her questions so she can open up.

There are several questions that can make both of your nights more interesting. Ask her something about her hobbies. You can even ask her about her childhood dreams and other not-so-serious questions. Make sure that you listen, so when your partner asks you something back you are prepared with an answer.

Keep it light


When going on a first night out with an Asian woman, you can’t just ask her whether she wants children or if she wants to get married. She is out with you so she can forget about all her more serious problems in life, so keep it light with your questions.

You don’t have to go in-depth about her job or her family, as she might avoid those kinds of subjects. It is important that you have fun at first, and if you are a match, you can talk about more serious subjects in the future.

Do not talk about previous relationships

Something that everyone hates hearing about is previous relationships or simply put “exes”. Asian women especially despise this kind of conversation, so avoid talking about your previous love or asking her about her past boyfriends. There is no reason why she would be interested in some other woman that she does not even know. Especially one that was romantically engaged with you. She went out with you because she is interested in you.

You also shouldn’t ask her about her previous relationships because she probably does not want to talk about her past problems. She will not be ready to share such information. You need to show your date that you want to spend time with her and that you do not care about all your previous love interests.

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