No Pregnancy Symptoms

No Pregnancy Symptoms?

Being pregnant with no pregnancy symptoms is a dream for most women. It is understandable that people tend to see and think about pregnancy as an endless period of different symptoms, spanning from the most common ones like morning sickness and heartburn to craving food you never liked and breast tenderness of different level. Although a lot of women do experience some or all of these symptoms, and other ones, there are women who never feel the slightest change or inconvenience during their pregnancy.

How does this happen and is it normal? From the look of it, it this was normal, arguably many more women would be willing to have multiple children. In this article, we will explore if this is normal, and should something like this be a call for concern, or celebration. Read on to learn more about having no pregnancy symptoms while pregnant.

No Pregnancy Symptoms

Frequency and Severity of Symptoms

We established that pregnancy symptoms can vary between various women, so do their severity levels. Pregnancy is, therefore, individual experience for every woman, and each has its own features and challenges. It is also important to note that you can never consider pregnancy symptoms and the severity thereof as being less or more normal.

The frequency of symptoms is also worth considering. They range from day to day, to week to week, these experiences also vary and tend to change. On some days, you may experience cramps or frequent urination, while on others you will have constipation and frequent mood swings. You may also be lucky and experience no symptoms whatsoever

If you are bound to get them, most symptoms start on or around the 4th week of your pregnancy. Some physical manifestations like acne, weight gains, and breast or nipple changes, occur between the 9th and 11th weeks.

When the second trimester arrives, more profound symptoms start to happen, while others also continue, all the way until the baby comes.

Complete Absence of Pregnancy Symptoms

The Internet is rich with experiences of women who never had any symptoms up to and during the first trimester. They often do not know what to expect, as some are concerned, while others think their baby will be unhealthy. Some women even fear of a miscarriage. However, most fears are futile, as no clear evidence process that no pregnancy symptoms mean that your baby is in danger.

No Pregnancy Symptoms

Changes or Loss of Pregnancy Symptoms

However, two scenarios do warrant some concern, and both relate more to the change in symptoms that happen suddenly, without any explanation. Make sure to go to your doctor if the baby starts to move less, or if you suddenly experience a lack of all symptoms.

Changes in the movement of the baby are the main concern because any decrease in the movement might be the sign of the loss of pregnancy. Although some of the symptoms usually decrease while the pregnancy progresses, the movement of the baby should never trend down or stop completely. On some days, your baby will be quieter, which is normal. What is not normal is if the baby stops or severely slows the movement. Immediately schedule a checkup with your doctor if this happens.

A complete and sudden disappearance of all symptoms is just as troublesome. Here we do not mean the women who never experienced them, but instead, those who stopped to have them. This sudden stop could be a sign of a potential miscarriage, or the developmental of another serious problem, especially in your first trimester of pregnancy. Even if you do not experience other miscarriage symptoms, have it checked out immediately, just to be sure.

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