I’m 7 Weeks Pregnant

I’m 7 Weeks Pregnant

Congratulations! Your pregnancy is making good progress and in a few weeks’ time, you will be over with the first trimester which is known to wear many women down. You will also have the baby in a few months completing the joy of motherhood. This is a week as important and significant as the rest of the weeks and you need to ensure that you continue taking care of yourself and the growing baby.

According to randomstuffido, at week 7, the baby is rapidly growing and has most parts of the body some of which can clearly be seen. They are however still forming and developing but the most amazing thing about the embryo is that it already has a heart that is beating even when still development. This is definitely an assurance that your baby is very much alive and is working hard to grow into a human. At this stage, however, it is still very tiny only measuring a small portion of a centimeter but the growth is quite significant.

You, on the other hand, must be battling with the symptoms common during the 7th week of pregnancy. Your morning sickness continues and you still as tired as ever but you might have noticed that the dizziness has eased up a little bit. The food cravings and aversions, a heightened sense of smell, frequent urination, and breast tenderness are still symptoms you have even during this week with the newest to the list being that you have excessive saliva.

I’m 7 Weeks Pregnant
source: babiescarrier.com

The fact is that most symptoms can be eased a little by proper care. It is important to make sure that you adhere to a healthy eating regime and always keeping the body well hydrated. When you have supplied the body with enough and essential nutrients and minerals and you are taking enough fluids, you will find that you have fewer cases of constipation which is a symptom very common during this week of pregnancy.

Another new symptom that you might have noticed or is bound to notice this week is increased hair growth. You now look hairier on the arms and legs and you might need a shave every now and then to keep looking good even during the pregnancy. This is as a result of the hormonal levels which are hitting the roof making all the changes in your body. This is, however, a symptom that some women experience and others do not.

I’m 7 Weeks Pregnant
source: smababy.co.uk

If you are 7 weeks pregnant but is yet to start experiencing any symptoms, then you must be among the lucky few who go through mild symptoms during pregnancy. It is however not a guarantee that you won’t have them and you had better start getting prepared since there is never telling when they might strike. Meanwhile, enjoy the joy of being pregnant without having any of your normal parts of life disrupted by the symptoms which can at times actually be frustrating. You can have tests run by your doctor if you feel concerned about the missing symptoms.

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