Internet Addiction in Kids

Understanding Internet Addiction in Kids and How to Stop It

As you might already know, all addictions have a psychological aspect that makes a person unable to control their addictive impulses. They can damage someone’s relationship with their family members or friends and they can negatively impact their work or school commitments. When you compare the Internet and other addictions, they are not very different.

One of the main concerns about Internet addiction in children is that it can affect their brains which are still developing. It is important that all parents understand the effects and signs of Internet addiction and they will also need to learn how they can prevent their child or children from becoming an Internet addict.

About Internet Addiction

This addiction is especially problematic since there are a lot of aspects of our daily lives that depend on the Internet, even in the lives of children. Children usually use the Internet to finish homework or school projects, connect with their school friends, and most children who do other activities use these things to hide what they are actually doing. On average, children tend to spend 8 hours on the Internet, including social media, computers, music players, smartphones, and other devices. More extreme cases involve children who spend around 12 hours a day with these devices.

What are the symptoms of Internet Addiction?

You might find the symptoms weird at first since it might seem like the child had a sudden mood change, as well as attitude and overall demeanor change. However, looking at what they are doing and how they react to them not being able to use the Internet can make the situation much clearer. Here is a list of things to consider about your child’s behavior:

Internet Addiction in Kids

1. Falling grades – many problems, like drug use, depression, and Internet addiction will first reflect on the grades of your kid.

2. Losing sleep – if a child is addicted to the Internet, it will get in the way of them getting enough sleep, since the child will often use the Internet until early in the morning before becoming too tired that they simply cannot avoid sleep.

3. Lack of focus – if the computer is used often, it might cause changes in the brain and the ability of the brain to focus on things.

4. Withdrawal from family and friends – activities that your child enjoyed doing start to lose appeal when the kid is addicted to the Internet.

5. Moodiness and depression when not online – when they cannot get online, children that are addicted to the Internet tend to be depressed, irritable, and snappish.

6. Lying about Internet use – if your children or child becomes defensive and moody when asked about their online activities, or if they tend to lie about how much time they spend online is a clear symptom of Internet addiction.

How to stop Internet Addiction?

Although there are programs that will help your child overcome Internet addiction, you might be able to help your kid of they show a few of the previously mentioned symptoms. Here is what you can do:

Internet Addiction in Kids

1. Talk to your child – most children who suffer from Internet addiction tend to spend time online in order to avoid talking about problems at home or school.

2. Keep the devices in a common living space – children who have their own computer in their room can hide how much time they spend online, so by keeping the computer in a common living space, you can monitor how much time they spend online.

3. Get a parental control app – with these apps, you will be able to monitor your children’s phone and Internet activities, locate your child, and instantly lock or unlock the device. It is a great tool to actually see how much they use their device and the Internet. If you want to get more info, you can read more here.

4. Keep them from feeling bored – if your children are bored, it might be even harder to help them with their addiction. It is important to spend time with your kids, go outside, and encourage them to find activities outside the home.


In order to help your children overcome Internet addiction, you should follow these steps so that you can help them in an easy and quick way.

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