The Best Sports Equipment for Your Kid

Did you know that there are around 41 million overweight kids under the age of 5? Studies predict that this number is going to grow in the next couple of years. We need to be honest and say that the main reason why this is happening in the fast improvement of Internet technology.

Compare your childhood with the lives of children today. You will see a huge difference. You probably remember that you barely waited to finish your homework so that you could go out. Well, the problem of today’s generation is quite the opposite. Parents have a problem to convince kids that physical activity is good for them. They spend too much time in front of their phone and because of that, they start to become overweight.

It is the right time to change that! We suppose that sports start to look boring to the kids. That’s why we somehow need to make they’re exercising a bit more interesting. Some pieces of sports equipment might help. Let’s find them out together.

Portable Basketball System


The most successful athletes in the world made the first steps when they were still kids. When you hear their stories, most of them were using improvised equipment. However, it was enough for them to put physical activity in their daily routine.

We do not want to say that your kid will become a successful athlete one day. Maybe he won’t have that sort of interest. Yet, this item will definitely teach him how important physical activity is.
Parents usually let their kids spend time in front of the TV or smartphone because they do not have time to be physically active together with them.

Well, the portable basketball system can make things a lot easier. You can make a small basketball court in the garden where kids will have fun.

Fitness Tracker


This tool can be good for both parents and kids. First of all, parents will be able to measure how active their kids were. Besides that, your kid will get motivated to train harder. For example, you can tell him that he needs to achieve a certain goal. He will have a tracker that will show how close he is to the current performances. You already know that kids like to prove things to the grownups. Well, this is the healthiest thing that they would want to prove.

You can find various models of fitness trackers online. We suggest you visit and pick one of their models.

Swimming equipment


You probably know that swimming is one of the healthiest physical activities. It will help your kid to be in good shape and to boost his form. Still, many kids will be afraid to jump into the water. It is logical that they won’t do that if they do not know how to swim. Yet, many kids start to get afraid of water because they had some small “accidents” during swimming. Because of that, getting the swimming equipment for kids would make the process a lot more safe and interesting.

First of all, you should get them a swimsuit. You can show them on TV how professional swimmers look like. They maybe start to imagine that they are professionals as well. In that way, they would feel more motivated to go to the pool at least three times per week.

Besides that, a swimming mask is also necessary. Many kids do not want to swim because they are afraid that the water will get in their eyes. We suggest you find some interesting design that is suitable for kids. Wearing “casual” swimming masks maybe won’t be interesting enough for them.

Get a Bicycle


15 years ago, the streets were full of kids that ride their bikes for the entire day. They (We) were organizing mini-competition and trying to reach the final spot quicker than our friend. Well, things are not the same as before.

Our suggestion is to start with a tricycle until your child starts to feel safe and confident. If he/she defeats the fears from riding, then there should not be any concerns later.
Anyway, after a month or two or driving, you can buy them a “casual” bike. Still, you do not want to leave your kid without additional equipment. The first thing you should get is a bike helmet. That would make your kid feel more confident.

Something that also matters is the design of the bike. Do not get them a bike with monotonous colors. Kids do not like that kind of stuff. Their riding needs to be an unforgettable experience for them. Because of that, try out bikes that are full of different colors.

Portable Goals and Football/Soccer Ball


Well, it is not a secret that football/soccer is the most popular sport in the world. Dads usually watch some football games at least once a week, and they usually try to convince their kids to do the same. You already know that there is no big difference if a football fan has a son or a daughter. He will try to do that anyway.

So, watching the games might be a source of inspiration for kids. They would want to do the same things as people on TV. You can get portable small goals and a small soccer ball. These things will not take a lot of place in your home. You can put them both in your garden and play together with kids

Bonus Tip: You Need to Get Involved

The equipment that we talked about is a helpful tool that will inspire your kids to be more physically active. Yet, keep in mind that these tools are no replacement for you. You need to get involved because you are the main inspiration for your kids.

For example, if you get a portable basketball system, you should play with them at least twice per week. Besides that, you need to praise them when they score or when they try hard to score. These things motivate kids to continue in the same manner. Letting them play alone without getting involved will not bring good results.

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