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The Good and Bad Effects of TV on Children – 2024 Guide

The greatest risk of harmful influence of the television is reflected in the fact that the media today are often abused in order to impose certain things to people around the world. Our youngest are the most vulnerable group that the media could easily influence. Everything they see on the screen brings a certain risk of affecting them – in a good or in a bad way.

That’s why paying attention to the time they spend next to the TV is the major point of protecting them. The fact is that their interest in watching such content decreases their need for engaging in some kind of physical activity or spending time outdoors, hanging out with other children. And sadly, this might be the main culprit for children’s frequent absence from the streets, parks or playgrounds.

On the other hand, not everything is as bad as it seems. If you make a deal with your kid of the time they spend in front of the screen, positive results are simply guaranteed. This way, they see some good things that are happening in another part of the world, learn and find out brand new things. From an educational point of view, television can broaden horizons and encourage them to search for new knowledge and ambitions.

Here we’ll present both the good and bad sides of watching a television program in the text that follows so that you can get a better understanding of its advantages and disadvantages.

Good effects

1. Educational aspect

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Children can be educated in different ways through television. Various shows are intended exclusively for kids and help them learn something new. It will certainly be more interesting for them than sitting in school desks and listening to endless lectures. Their attention is more focused, no one forces them to do so, and thus they have a more relaxed approach to everything.

According to, with the development of cable television, a huge number of channels that provide a variety of educational possibilities have emerged. Each has its own theme and provides education in different areas. Program content is intended for both older and younger ages.

This way your little ones can choose whether they would rather watch the animal kingdom in National Geographic Channel or learn languages via numerous cute cartoons – it’s up to them and their preferences.

2. Entertainment

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Regardless of the child’s age, watching a TV show can always be fun. For the youngest ones, even the presence of cheerful colors and sounds could elicit a smile, while the older ones kill time with quality movies and series.

Many providers offer a lot of channels with great sports and music content, depending on the packages you choose – you can learn more about the installation options here – and in that way, they help children to build their taste and their interests in the right direction, and to have fun at the same time.

3. It boosts creativity and develops abilities

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Curiosity naturally moves and inspires kids to try to do what they see on the screens by themselves. Nowadays you’ll be able to find numerous shows with practical tips on how to make something at home by yourself, or how to cook.

By watching such content, they try to learn to cope with certain situations. Girls start with recipes for their favorite cookies, and boys start with how to set a screw. The youngest ones reach for paper, crayons and scissors to draw or make something nice. All this means expressing their creativity freely and becoming more capable.

4. Languages

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In the early years of life, children remember best, which has been proven and verified. Psychologists and parents agree that this is the perfect period to learn a foreign language that’s necessary for everyone in the modern world today. Wherever they go when they grow up, with the help of language they can manage to cope with various situations and thus this might be the most crucial educational segment.

Foreign language programs are ideal for this purpose, as young brains will absorb it in the right way and it will be a great addition to the knowledge they acquire in school.

Bad Effects

1. Impact on social life

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A child who’s used to spending too much time in front of the TV will always opt for it rather than hanging out with peers. The ability to socialize is greatly affected by this and this might represent a problem that develops rapidly and explosively.

While all their neighbors and friends could spend time running in the park or riding a bike, TV children will prefer to stay home and simply watch their favorite cartoons. Limiting the time of such activities will help them to be more in the fresh air and less at home. Also, they’ll be among others of their age, and when they grow up, they won’t have social barriers.

2. Health aspect

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Health needs to come first – always. Remember this sentence the next time you find your child spending the whole day in front of the screen. When it comes to health, television can’t bring you anything good except for some educational shows about it.

Constant sitting or lying position is typical for fans of everyday TV watching. This way, kids become lazy. They don’t do any sports or other physical activities, muscles are getting weak.. and then fattening occurs… You know those succulent bites you simply adore while binge-watching your favorites? Well, it also contributes to fattening as on such occasions we aren’t aware of how much we can actually eat.

Among other things, constantly staring at the screen causes eye strain. The kid’s vision is weak and sooner or later they’ll probably be forced to seek an ophthalmologist and get some glasses.

3. A distorted view of reality

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The program abounds with movies and series full of violent scenes. The youngest members of the family might see it as a way to solve problems once they get used to it. On the other hand, it can scare them and they can get the impression of living in an unsafe place.

Weapons, drugs and other elements of the criminal movie genre aren’t usually recommended for people under the age of 18. For the benefit of their loved ones, parents should adhere to that and change the channel and animate their kids in some other way.

The fact is that both the good and bad sides are numerous. But none of them have to prevail in your children’s lives if you set a limit and teach them the right behavior. You may encounter dissatisfaction at first – but your children will realize it and they’ll be extremely grateful to you once they grow up.

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