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4 Reasons Why Vaping Has Become So Popular Within Teens – 2024 Guide

We can notice a huge rise in the popularity of vaping and electronic cigarettes in recent years. Vaping represents an excellent way for smokers to replace cigarettes with less dangerous tobacco products. The tobacco industry is changing fast, which, as a result, has brought customers a wide selection of e-liquids …

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The Good and Bad Effects of TV on Children – 2024 Guide

The greatest risk of harmful influence of the television is reflected in the fact that the media today are often abused in order to impose certain things to people around the world. Our youngest are the most vulnerable group that the media could easily influence. Everything they see on the …

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Positive And Negative Effects Of Television On Society – 2024 Guide

The media can affect the lives of people, especially children, positively and negatively. This happens in all periods of life and all cultures and areas. Judging by numerous studies on the role of television as a medium in the lives of children and people – today TV is one of …

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