Best Ways to Market your Wedding Photography Business

It takes more than a great camera and a fantastic set of skills to blow away your customers. Marketing your wedding photography business can be an overwhelming task where you have to balance the numerous options provided by different websites and not getting adequate leads.

The wedding photography industry is dynamic, which calls for one to keep learning the changes in online and social media marketing. Here, I show you several strategies you can use to market your business successfully

Social media


Social media is useful in engaging with vendors, clients, and other people who might be admiring your work. Getting your wedding photography business to social media is the first step to marketing your business.

The largest population of people in the world has access to the internet and social media, which means that having your photography business on social media will increase your ability to connect with clients. The social media platforms that are commonly used for wedding photography marketing include

– Facebook
– Pinterest
– Snapchat

The 2018 wedding photography industry survey results show that Instagram was the most fruitful social media source for acquiring bookings at a rate of 45% followed by Facebook organic search and paid advertisement.

Launch a website


Launching a website increases the visibility of your wedding photography business online. Your website will stand as your digital storefront to introduce clients to your magnificent photography skills to convince them that you are the wedding photographer they are looking for.

Having a website creates an impression that your business is bigger and more successful than it is in reality, thereby attracting more clients. For a successful website, ensure that:

– You have a captivating, but professional photography business name
– A reliable domain and hosting provider to ensure faster loading
– Create stunning galleries after uploading your pictures and videos
– Update your website regularly

For list of top web builders, you may visit the review portal MyBestWebsiteBuilder.

Take care of your vendors

Word of mouth referrals is valuable than anything else a business can take pride in. It is at this juncture that your vendors come into play. Create a lasting relationship with your vendors so that you can have a mutually beneficial relationship.

Always inform your vendors that you will recommend them to your clients, and by doing this, it is expected that the vendors will, in turn, refer you to their clients. When sharing or rather posting images from a wedding, make sure you list their vendors.

The vendors will be proud to show off their work while promoting your business. By doing this, you will be marketing your wedding photography business without incurring any cost.

Improve your Google Ranking


Improving your Google ranking is crucial, but when everyone claims to have the secrets to great SEO, it can be hectic. The best ways to enhance your SEO is by switching to WordPress, blogging about your work, linking in and linking out, and ensure proper use of keywords.

Ensure to follow examples of businesses within the photography industry that have succeeded in SEO.

Perfect Moment photography is an example of a wedding photography business with high visibility on all local keywords related to wedding photography; if you in Sydney and you searching for a wedding photographer, you will find him on page 1. Remember that no one goes to page 1 when was the last time you went to page 2 or 3 looking for answers? Never, cause you always find a satisfactory result on page 1. If you can’t find a good option, you will write a different keyword, but never page 2.

Invest in marketing


Although word of mouth is free, it is of profound importance to invest in marketing your wedding photography business. Managing social media accounts, Facebook advertisements, and managing an active website requires you to invest heavily for you to reap the accrued benefits.

Based on the 2018 wedding photography industry survey results, I discovered that the average amount of money spent by couples on wedding photography alone rose from £1,480 ($1,934) in 2017 to £1,560 ($2,039) in 2018. This means that if the clients are increasing their wedding photography expenditure, then as a photographer, you should invest more in marketing your business to reach out to a wider audience.

I have seen so many wedding photographers struggle to gain clients even though they have all the skills and equipment required. But their failure in the industry is the lack of knowledge on how to market their wedding photography business. I hope these tips will help you boost your marketing strategies.

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