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5 Tips On Running A Great Social Media Competition in 2024

Nowadays, it is clear that social networks must be part of your digital strategy. However, how to use them to achieve business success is the right question that every new community manager should ask themselves – but also all those who want marketing results. Managing social networks requires certain skills and a lot of effort and time – and if you want to know how to run a great social media competition, read on.

The Importance Of Social Media

Social media was created to entertain and connect people with other people, friends, acquaintances, etc. Marketing is where people are -which is why social media is popular today for communication and advertising. Social networks are valuable for companies of any size or industry – and finding potential customers on social networks has a direct impact on increasing brand awareness, communication, lead collection, site visits, but also sales.

Managing business profiles on social networks has become demanding – and many companies employ experts, such as Community Managers. Small businesses often do not have enough resources to hire someone to run social networks – but rely on agencies, individuals, or try to work on their own with more or less success.

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Why Is Professional Social Networking Important For Business?

In a very short time, social networks have become one of the most important channels of digital marketing. Today, you can hardly imagine any success in online business – unless you connect it with the most popular social media. That is why professional management of social networks provides you with incredible advantages – which will enable you to gain a large number of clients from all over the world.

If you do not use social networks for these purposes – then you are missing out on an amazing marketing opportunity to completely improve your business. Did you know that as many as 90 percent of companies/retailers have significantly increased their sales and improved their market position, using social media marketing? No matter what you sell or what services you offer, using social media as a fantastic marketing tool will help grow your business in every way.

Social Media Competitions

For many years, brands have decided to organize competitions on social networks to please and engage their customers. In the past, such competitions were a quick and convincing way to attract the attention of the audience in an already oversaturated market. However, the nature of customers has changed significantly – which means that the prize competitions on social networks themselves must be adjusted.

Why Are Competitions Organized Through Social Networks?

While it is true that we live in a time when consumers are very focused and cautious – it is also true that online contests make a strong connection between consumers and a favorite brand. And what better way to encourage communication with your audience than through social media? Not only do social networks help you get closer to the millennials, Generation X, and Generation Z who own the market – but social media contests allow you to accelerate the creation of your reputation. How to achieve this? Here are some tips on how to run a great social media competition.

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1. Understanding the audience

Whatever changes happen on social media, one thing always stays the same – if you want to achieve your goals, you have to know your audience well. Active customers today are certainly different from those a few decades ago. The moment you let your audience know who they are interacting with – you will create a strong connection by promoting some incredible social media competition or trends that are interesting to your target group.

2. Experiment with different platforms

Understanding your audience will also help you understand where they are spending most of their time. This has been true since the old times – when the first social networks were created. What is different now – is that today, there are many platforms for experimenting. And not only that. According to buyvotespoll, today on social networks you can, for example, buy twitter votes – but you can also use this option for other social media.

If you are wondering why this is necessary, we will tell you that it is a serious marketing strategy. It is the so-called social proof. It is a psychological phenomenon in which people assess the value of a person, a brand of a work of art, or any media subject – based on previous reactions and evaluations of other people. This concept was discovered by social psychologists almost a hundred years ago – but it only gained its full meaning with the advent of the Internet and social media.

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3. Consider the reward

Very simple – the reward you offer must be attractive to those you want to connect with. If the result, that is, the prize is not attractive – your followers will not be very interested in participating. As we step into the new year, we should keep in mind that the audience on social media does not expect the prizes that have already been shared on their favorite social networks.

4. Be different

Almost 90% of companies are active on social media – and many of them are planning their campaigns in the future. This means that there will be a lot of prize competitions that will attract potential buyers. Competitions are great for improving engagement – but there will still be a need to convince your customers to interact with you. One of the useful ways to get people to hear about your contest – is to broadcast live video, which is one of the best ways to increase engagement.

5. Resource selection

At a time when it is becoming more and more complicated to communicate in the right way with the target group, additional tools can always be helpful. Make sure you have the right resources when creating contests on social media.

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The Bottom Line

The popularity of social media contests is not waning – but the way brands use this tool to connect with customers may need to change. When it comes to connecting with millennials and Generation X – you won’t be able to use the same tricks you’ve used a few years ago. That is why it is important to apply in practice some of these tips for the success of your competition on social media – so that you can emerge as the winner among your competition.

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