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How to Promote Photography Business on Instagram?

If you’re a photographer, Instagram is the best way to promote your business, as this social media runs completely on beautiful photo and video content. To make your photography brand seen, this is the best marketing option: if you have great content, you’ll eventually attract more likes, make your company more visible, get even more followers and as a result, find new clients.

The fastest way and the best way to grow a bigger audience for your business on this platform— get more likes for your posts:

This service is great for promoting your photography brand and eventually monetizing your content.

Getting people to see your photography is a first step, but what you also have to do is to make them engage with your posts. The success of these two steps lies not only in the quality of your photos, but also in ideas and values they share, in the social message they carry. Meaningful pictures tend to gather bigger engagement metrics. Emotions is what drives people on Instagram, and since it’s a visual-oriented social network, you have to put emotions in your works to make them more valuable for your audience. Be passionate, be explicit about your views and be brave — when you create strong messages with your photos, you gain more power.

Step 1: make your photography seen

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Visual content is the most important thing on this platform. But if you have only a few followers, there’s a very little chance that you’ll monetize your photographs and your profile. Of course, some people will still know that you create awesome shots, but when “few” turns to “a lot”, you get more media attention, and what’s the most important thing — you’ll get people who are ready to pay you money for your services — personal photoshoots, wedding photoshoots, product photo campaigns.

So how to reach out to your target audience and get them to like your posts?

  • Post your best shots. Your content should be engaging and creative — that’s how Insta works. As a visual-oriented social media, Instagram has algorithms that prefer to show better quality pictures first — capturing, high quality photos that gain the most likes from your followers in an hour after posting. This means you have to post your best pictures — the ones that will get immediate emotional response from your followers;
  • Post regularly and don’t forget about hashtags — some people search services they need with their help;
  • Use Instagram Stories for your promotion. Stories are great for engaging your existing audience and thus reminding about your company;
  • Network with other creators. Instagram is famous for its community, so don’t be astray and find some friendly accounts you’ll share your promo with! They can advertise you for free in exchange for you promoting them, or you can do great collaborations together to create more user-generated content.

And don’t forget — not everyone uses Instagram as a platform to promote or buy. Some people have an account for personal use only, and this is a good thing to keep in mind while planning your marketing strategy. You can reach these people easily by catering your content to them.

Step 2: create an engagement with your posts

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The main principle here is — mind the rules. Instagram is very clear on community rules: posts containing nudity, profanity, or harmful information can be deleted or simply ignored by Insta algorithms. This includes both content you post and content accounts you follow post, so run this kind of quality-check before starting your promotion. Every account containing prohibited and/or harmful content is going to be banned or even permanently deleted, so you probably don’t want to risk with this strict rule.

The quality of the photos you post should be at a peak and text description should be spell-checked, because people tend to like grammatically correct posts more. Your photos don’t have to be pitch-perfect to the point of heavy editing. Multiple studies show that followers become bored really quick if you post too retouched pictures that hold no meaning to the post intentions or text in caption.

To engage your audience, you can use a few techniques:

  • end your captions with engaging question or poll — this is what’s called a “call to action” in marketing;
  • always reply to your customers’ replies;
  • be consistent in posting and motivate your followers to share or save your posts.

You can check engagement rate and other metrics on your Instagram Insights page or using third party services that provide more detailed metrics for your account and content. Keeping an eye on these metrics will help you choose a better marketing strategy and find out what your audience like the most.

Step 3: use Instagram promotion websites for the best experience

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Of course, doing it all by yourself is a long way. You can make it easier with aid from one of the best Instagram promotion websites. These services allow you to grow a bigger audience with real followers, get more likes and views, and promote your posts to the target audience. Sure, you can still opt for doing it all yourself, but it’s a hard job that requires a lot of time and effort — if you’re low on these resources, considering a third party service is a better option.

  1. Soc-Promotion. This website is great for gaining more real followers and boosting your engagement rates.
  2. This website uses its own network of users to grow engagement and visibility for your content.
  3. Likes are everything! By boosting your likes to followers ratio, you can make your content visible and popular.
  4. Growtoid targets your unique audience and promotes your business among them — this is the best way to gain more organic engagement.

Whichever service you choose for achieving better results on this social media platform, keep in mind that it doesn’t have immediate effect. You won’t have thousands of new admirers of your work overnight — it’s a long process that depends on a lot of factors, including your job, and how much passion you put into it.

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