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Top Reasons You Should Own a Pickup Truck

If you want to buy a vehicle, you can choose from several types like coupe, SUV, minivan, or wagon. A truck is another option. If you are contemplating getting the latter but have not decided if it’s the right decision, we listed some reasons to push through with it.

It’s affordable

It’s easy to find trucks that are on the affordable end. Whether you are looking for a brand new or used one, you can find something that falls under your budget and is cheaper than the other vehicles. Those in the higher range are still worth their price because of their top-notch features. Since trucks are rigid and easier to maintain, even if you get a second-hand one that is lower in price, it will still be in excellent running condition. You can also quickly make it look new again with a quality bedliner like what you can find at It’s easy to apply, so you don’t need to hire a professional for that.

It holds its value longer

The value of a car depreciates quicker than that of a pickup truck. On the first year alone, a car could lose 25% of its original value. Even upon its purchase, the price is already lower because of the notion that it’s already used. In three to four years, the price will be half of its initial market price. If you decide to sell it, you will be losing a lot of money due to the depreciated value. The value of a pickup truck depreciates slower, which means that you will still be able to sell it at a good price in case you decide to. One of the reasons is its durability, as it’s expected and proven to last for a long time.

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It’s flexible

Regular cars are suitable for the main roads, but they are not reliable for the rough roads. A truck gives you the flexibility to use it on both. You can also use it for your daily drive, like going to work or shopping. It’s also the perfect ride for off-road adventures, like if you are going camping or hiking. Plus, you can attach a trailer if you are looking to have a long road trip. Since it is powerful, it also has a higher towing capacity compared to regular vehicles. You can also use it to load various things, including large objects, and move them from one location to another.

Going for a small car will be inconvenient if you decide to go on a long drive to pass through some rough patches. You need to hire another vehicle, which is an extra cost. Plus, the space for loading things is only limited. You would not want to haul bricks, soil, sand, and other dirty or hard objects with your car because they could damage it or make it filthy. You can do these with a truck without worrying much about how it will look afterward because it’s designed for such works. Its sturdiness and ease of maintenance contribute to that.

It’s durable

Trucks are made from sturdy materials, so they do not easily dent or get damaged. It also makes them safer on the road. It’s one of the reasons why they are low-maintenance. They do not easily break, which is an added convenience and savings on the repair. There is a higher chance of being safe inside a truck in case of a collision because of its huge body frame that is made from steel. Plus, since trucks have a higher sitting, your view of the road is much better, thus contributing to safe driving.

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It’s powerful

Going off the beaten path would require a powerful vehicle that will not give you any problems, whether driving on a steep slope or rough terrain. A truck is your best choice for that. Plus, you can navigate through floods since it has bigger wheels. Smaller cars may not be able to stand that, and they could break down, leaving you with a much bigger problem. You want your next adventures to be enjoyable and memorable, and a pickup truck will not let you down. As long, of course, it is in good condition. Although it’s durable and robust, it still requires maintenance to keep it in top shape. But it still requires less work compared to other vehicles.

It’s comfortable

Depending on your needs, you can find trucks with various seats, like, for instance, a six-seater. They are also spacious inside, leaving room for everyone to move comfortably. It’s an essential thing, especially if going on a long drive with the entire family. You will end up with muscle aches and stiffness on different body parts if you drive for hours in a tight space. The truck’s bed also offers ample space to put everything you need for your road trip.

It has a tailgate

The truck’s tailgate does not just serve as a convenient entrance to the truck’s bed, but it can also work as a sit if you have an outdoor activity like camping. Even the truck’s bed can also serve another purpose than the usual carrying of loads. You can put a table and chair and have a romantic dinner anywhere like a park or near the beach.

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It uses diesel

There are only a few SUVs and cars that use diesel, but there are several options for pickup trucks. Those that have diesel engines are more fuel-efficient. Plus, diesel is often cheaper than gas. Moreover, it also burns cleaner and gives better torque.

If the reasons above are still not enough to convince you to get a truck, here’s another one. First, there’s the misconception that trucks are ragged, so they do not offer luxury. However, modern trucks are now equipped with features that provide luxury and new technology so that you can have the best of both worlds. Some of them include cushioned seats, audio, and video features, and advanced technology for ensuring safety and security on the road.

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