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How Hard Is It To Become An Instagram Influencer?

Social networks represent one of the best marketing tools today because it can efficiently raise the number of potential clients. Therefore, it is not a surprise that every company is using various online platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and others to communicate with their followers and introduce them to a variety …

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7 Most Expensive TV Ads of All Time

Due to the fact that marketing is the most important aspect of any business, the fact that companies invest millions of dollars in it isn’t all the surprising. Understandably, the larger the company, the more money are prepared to put in advertising. Nowadays, there are numerous channels that businesses use …

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Marketing 101: Retail Ideas on How to Display Your Products Effectively

Retail displays go a long way in attracting customers’ attention in brick-and-mortar stores. Market research indicates that the sense of sight significantly determines shopper’s buying decisions. Therefore, they are likely to buy from stores whose displays appeal to them. There’s so much that you can do to transform the display …

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