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The Tale Of TikTok: Massive Rise, Value And Potential – 2024 Review

Social media is an objective tool that always surprises their users and audience. Even though, when you considered that the new platform had tried to grab the audience, meanwhile, the other one pops out of nowhere, and the picture turns completely!

There are gigantic around the marketplace, like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms that remained the most common with the ever-changing digital era. Thus, TikTok was meant to enter as a new contender, which was pleasantly welcomed among the younger audience.

TikTok is a social media that permits the user to post the short-form of lip-syncing music, comedy dialogues, talents, or dance. Here we can look into the enormous raise in the concept of the TikTok with the increasing influencer and the platform’s social media marketing with the perfect potential.

The story behind the TikTok app

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The original version of TikTok,, then become the most famous among the digital arena because of its originality and easy to use video creation platform. It was founded in 2014, where it experienced constant progress in the app downloads and user adoption. On July 6th, 2015, attained the number one position in the iTunes app charts, popping overnight.

In 2016, ByteDance originated the known as Douyin, while it was introduced as TikTok in 2017. Knowing about the platform’s capability, that too among the young digital audience, Bytedance bought and collaborated the, and it turned the version of TikTok.

Similar to Snapchat, TikTok consists of likes, followers, comments, and users can spend hours browsing with the millions of user-generated short videos.  It is a much enormous platform that brings out the creativity of the audience. The users can make and publish a video of about 15 seconds long, also including the soundtrack with filters, and editing effects or displaying a lip-syncing song.

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Some of the insights that help rapidly increase the TikTok fan following among your global audience are:

  • One of the most successful apps of 2018, with a count of one billion downloads globally.
  • TikTok is presently downloaded within 154 countries as it has the expanding popularity and attraction among the younger kiddos.
  • Up-to-date, the TikTok videos, which are made, earned about 17 billion average view rates monthly.

TikTok has the highest rate of engagement, where your videos receive millions of TikTok views, with the growing new-age influential power. TikTok is a great treasure for all kinds of businesses. For more details, visit Bouxtie to find out how to drive more engagement for your TikTok business account.

How to make viral videos?

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Talking with any other social media platform, running viral is the golden ticket. Like a video sharing platform, this is not the mainstream, yet the viral success on TikTok is turning out to be surprising. Say, for instance, Canadian high school student Jade Taylor-Ryan made her 12-seconds video of her cat; Ed twirling and clapping to Mr.Sandman earned about 6.8 million views and 1.2 million likes within a day.

Another instance, the TikTok priest – David Peters has made strange but trustful shorts as ringing bells with several of originally doubtful young users who helped to go viral.

What is Influencer Marketing on TikTok?

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In recent times, the flexible mobile nature of the TikTok is merged with the compact, and short-byte sized video content is popping out of the platform’s enormous success.

While was completely based on music-based, TikTok entered into a huger spectrum of imaginative, consisting of a range of niche groups, including the dance, fashion, comedy, and food.

TikTok provides us a short glimpse of social media’s successful future, where it is growing with the global adoption that makes an ideal space for influencer marketing.

The younger generation, especially those where belonging to the Gen Z group is gathered to TikTok for the purpose of expanding the number of micro-influencers actively. Moreover, influencer marketing is not common practice yet only works with a matter of time.

As the Generation Z population develops, being an early adopter of influencer marketing will help you increase the reach that allows you to connect with a wider audience, which is data-driven, irrelevant, and meaningful.

Some of the big brands like Sony, FIFA, Calvin Klein started to use the influencer marketing campaigns through TikTok by reaching the driven range of engaged users where the platform tried to gain its momentum.

Perfect Action of TikTok marketing

TikTok’s influencer marketing is worth reaching if you are searching to look to a wider audience range for your niche or topics.

The best way to work with TikTok marketing is to search for the campaigns run in combination with the platform itself:

Celebrity Memeathon

To show up your TikTok platform’s with the short-byte sized videos for making it potential, also TikTok collaborated with a host of star creators with 15-seconds of fame memeathon.

Thus, the celebrity memeathon designed to make an awareness that helped to boost your platform engagement. Also, TikTok motivated the likes of Charlie Puth, Kris Jenner, and Paris Hilton to make peculiar video memes implementing this platform by using the hashtag #memeathon, also distributing the video through their Twitter accounts to expand the additional engagement.

The star drives the influencer campaign topped with the 3,173,500 users with a 9.5 million view rate and engagement rate of 338,500for the video posts under the hashtags.

While for instance, the TikTok used the top-level celebrities to create the campaigns, this is evident that strengthened the micro-influencers to drive your promotional efforts.

Foodie Focus

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Clicking into the foodie topics, TikTok works well with the collaboration by using the culinary influencers with the #SavortheFalvor campaign.

Widely targeting on capturing the attention of the Instagram users, the intermediate foodie influencers, including the Devour Power has the 800,000 Instagram followers, and Chelsey White has the 877,000 Instagram followers who were motivated to make the visually attractive video through TikTok and share them on their Insta fan followers, where they have the chance to win the food-cation in New York city.

Based on the influencer campaign, the challenge reached 3,261,000 Instagram users, gaining a total of 1,031,296 views and increasing up to 40,318 likes.

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