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5 Marketing Tactics for Building a Huge Twitter Fan Base in 2024

You can’t have Twitter only for yourself, friends, and family. This social network is different from other available, as it simply seeks you to have followers in abundance so that your tweets wouldn’t go to waste. This network requires you to engage with other people, companies, or organizations of some different sort.

Once you are hooked on it, you’ll understand the basics, and regardless if you are using it for personal use or your brand or company, you’ll start looking for ways to get more followers. This is natural, as you’ll follow people and companies, and you’ll want the same back so that your community could grow.

If you are going small, you can do it on your own without any significant issues. But, if you are going big, you’ll need help, and this is where we come in. The support you need is below in the form of five marketing tactics for building a vast Twitter fan base.


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These days everything is about customization. The first thing you want is for everyone to know it’s you when they visit your page. This is why it’s essential to make a recognizable brand out of your name. What this means at the start is that logo, colors, and similar stuff you can use on Twitter carry your signature. You should pay attention to even the smallest details, but be sure to cover the big ones first. It would be best if you started with handle, which is de facto your user name.

Be sure that the title you use intrigues your followers and that consequently, they always know it’s you when you post something. It is also crucial that it is something memorable so that people who only visited your profile once know how to return by typing your user name. After covering this, focus on the header, which is the big picture behind, where you also can incorporate your logo. Once this is settled, focus on your profile picture, bio, website URL, and birthday. When you cover all of the above, you have a good starting point for your expansion.

Set Goals

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Goals, goals, goals, Twitter is all about setting goals and reaching them one by one. If you look at any social platform, the recipe is the same – reach your goals after being realistic in setting them. Respect the time frame. It all counts. Before you achieve anything on Twitter or any other social platform, you need to know what you are looking for in terms of results. The goals you set need to be smart and measurable above all.

While most people believe going viral is all that matters, this won’t solve your long-term follower’s issue. What you want is a success that will last. If the goal is to have more visitors on your web page through this social network, you need to have more clicks. Viral posts generate many clicks but only for a short period.

What you should aim for is more clicks every day, for continuous-time. Your goals in this sense need to be realistic, as you can’t double your followers in one day unless you have only two. Look for continual growth that is measured in small percents, something close to 1.5% a month. It would help if you started somewhere, and being real is the right spot.

Find a Helping Hand

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Here is where you need to flip hands. What you need to do is someone who is in the same line of work as you – a rival of a sort. But, then, the same way as Maverick turned his enemy, the Iceman, into his wingman, you need to make your Twitter adversary a friend. This is called co-branding. The goal is to find someone with the same desires as you in terms of Twitter followers and ask them for a helping hand.

The reason why they’ll accept the offer is that you’ll do the same for them. They’ll retweet you, and you’ll repost them. Of course, both of you need to have quality content, and it needs to be oriented to the same people. This needs to be done as you are looking for the same audience. You don’t need weekend followers, but the ones that will stay in the long term because of your content.


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If your goal is to reach your audience and be precise while doing it, advertising on Twitter is what you can do. If you do this in the right manner, you can reach thousands with ease. This is nothing out of the ordinary, as it is a common practice. Once you get to enough people, you’ll increase both your following and influence. As a result, your brand will grow. There are two ways you can do this – promoted tweets and Twitter ads.

If you opt for the first option, it gives you results in a way that your tweets will appear in people’s streams. The people who will see it are going to be those most suitable for what you’re trying to say or sell. If you want people to come to your site, this is a great way to do it. You can have your tweets promoted long enough to create a bigger audience for yourself for a fair fee.

The latter option comes in the form of Twitter ads. Ads are unique, as they offer more resources to you and your brand. They’ll appear not only in your tweets but in the streams of targeted people and all across this platform. The best thing is that you decide the objectives of your ad in terms of gains.

Buy Followers

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If you are not looking to do anything we mentioned above, you’re left with more options, don’t worry. One of the easiest things you could do is to buy followers. This is nothing illegal, nor anything that thousands of people before didn’t do.

Yes, you’ll need to invest some money, but if you work with professionals such as people from followersbiz, you’ll get much more in return. If you are up for it, be sure to click the link above and introduce yourself to this method.

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