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Is Caffeine Really Addictive?

Coffee is a favorite drink for many people and you will rarely hear someone saying that they don’t want a cup when offered. It is a great stimulant of the nervous system making the consumer alert and concentrated. With so many types of coffee, it can sometimes be a tough choice – cappuccino, espresso, latte or filtered coffee, but no matter which one you choose, the caffeine in it will certainly have a positive effect.

Coffee is not the only one that contains caffeine, it just has the highest concentration of it – up to 200mg. Tea and cocoa also contain a certain percentage – tea has up to 120mg, while cocoa contains up to 7mg. Energy drinks also contain caffeine and even decaffeinated coffee contains up to 12mg. However, coffee still stays on top of our list when it comes to caffeine infusion.

Health benefits of coffee

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Coffee has so many health benefits, but here we will name only a few. It primarily raises the energy levels, because once the caffeine is absorbed into the bloodstream, it goes to the brain where it blocks adenosine – a neurotransmitter that acts as an inhibitor. This consequently stimulates neurons which results in better memory, alertness, improved reaction time and enhanced cognitive function.

Drinking coffee can help you slim down your waist, so if you have been working on getting your weight in order, you might want to have one coffee now. It has been proven that caffeine improves metabolic rate making it faster and burns the fat along the way. The rate of fat burning can go from 10% up to an incredible 30%. It is no wonder that the caffeine gets added to various products for losing weight. It is because of the great effect it has.

In addition, caffeine raises adrenaline. This is why you feel so ready to face the world after a cup of coffee. You suddenly get new ideas and a fresh angle on things making it easier to deal with everyday stress and numerous obligations during the day.

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It can also help you have a better workout. It will simply raise your blood pressure slightly, making your blood run a little faster, which is exactly what you need when you want to give your best during the time you spend in a gym. Just make sure to have it at least an hour ahead of time, otherwise, you might feel nauseous. Drink it slowly and let its effects kick in before you start your workout.

Coffee also contains very important nutrients: vitamins B2 and B5, potassium and manganese, niacin and magnesium. One cup contains a small percentage of these nutrients, but in combination with other foods, it may help satisfy your daily needs. Not only that, but it has been proven that coffee lovers are under a lower risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. The studies show that this risk can be decreased by up to 50% which is truly magnificent. It may help you avoid developing dementia and Alzheimer’s disease in old age. Coffee has a positive impact and can lower the risk for the amazing 60%. Of course, with the right nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, this percentage can be even higher.

Parkinson’s is a major issue as well, besides dementia and Alzheimer’s. People who consume coffee on a regular basis can decrease the risk of developing this vicious disease by up to 60%. It is important to stress that the most beneficial component is caffeine, so drinking decaf won’t produce such effects. Coffee also decreases the risk of developing depression in women. Drinking four cups a day or more can decrease the risk by up to 20%, which certainly shouldn’t be overlooked. If all this talk about health benefits made you want one cup of coffee, see here the various coffee blends you could try.

The addiction factor

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People who are used to consuming a few cups of coffee a day may feel withdrawal symptoms for a couple of days if they suddenly stop having it. Symptoms may vary, but include issues such a headache, fatigue, anxiety, irritability, depression and difficulty concentrating. The severity of the symptoms depends on the quantity you were consuming. However, considering that these are only mild effects and that the withdrawal crisis lasts a very short period of time, the experts don’t perceive caffeine use as an addiction.

Caffeine, in fact, improves the dopamine signals that travel to the brain. Dopamine is a very important chemical in our brains that controls the motivation, emotions, movement and it helps the person to be alert and awake. While drugs spike these levels fast and high, caffeine doesn’t cause the addiction but rather the dependence, so you will hear people saying that they simply can’t function without their coffee in the morning. This is not just a physiological effect, but a scientifically proven fact.

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Coffee “addiction” is the most popular and socially acceptable behavior in the world. It is something that we are all used to and happy to participate in. We all want to have a cup of coffee on our way to work, or when we want to take a break. Many exams have been passed with the help of coffee and the wonderful effect that caffeine has on our brains. It helps us go through the day and focus on our studies, our work and generally – it is a wonderful time of the day when we can simply enjoy that cup of coffee before we can continue with our obligations.

Even though coffee isn’t miraculous, it certainly feels that way. With the numerous health benefits it has, we are certainly glad it exists. What kind of world would that be if we wouldn’t have coffee to enjoy and share it with friends and family? Numerous coffee blends and coffee machines have made it possible for anyone to master the art of making a perfect coffee and be able to enjoy it at any moment.

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