Is there a right time to drink water? Does it even matter?

Is there a right time to drink water? Does it even matter?

Water plays a crucial role in your life. It is not just about how much water you intake; it is also about when you consume it.  “When to drink water” appears to be a trivial question to ask, don’t you feel so? You must be thinking if there is any big deal to have some specific time fixed for consuming water? Well, even the kids know that water consumption is important but if you hear the conversations of people in gyms, fitness freaks and athletes; you would find the mention of proper timings for having water. The point is, in case you count yourself to be in the category of people who are enough health-conscious, then you must keep on reading to find out more about the finest times to drink water.

Similarly, before you learn about the timings and other details about water consumption, make sure that the water you consume is clean and hygienic. If you don’t have clean water at home then there is no point of reading this post. Dirty and contaminated water would only do harm to your body no matter when you consume it or how. But if you want to ensure that your water is clean and hygienic then you can look out for Water purifier online in India and get it installed in your residence. Once you have a water purifier in your residence, you will never end up consuming contaminated or impure water.

When is the best time to consume water?

Yes, you heard it right. There are specific times when drinking water can really and fully benefit your health and fit body. Have a look below:

Before a Meal

To drink water before meals is a brilliant practice, conflicting to popular belief. When you drink a glass of clean and fresh water just half-an-hour prior to lunch or dinner, it helps hugely in increasing your digestive capabilities.

Similarly, if you are looking forward to shed a couple of additional kilos, this habit is certainly going to be really worth the effort. Once you consume water before meals, it caters a sensation of fullness. The diminished appetite makes you eat a smaller amount of food, and whatsoever it gets digested in a proper manner due to the water intake.

Is there a right time to drink water

After Waking up

Do you know the secret behind the healthy and glowing looks of Japanese folks?  Well, the key is to drink water after waking Up.  It is true that a good amount of water on an empty stomach just after waking up in the morning is good. Professionals have found that such a practice lends them a problem-free life. It happens that the toxins are flushed out from the body. Common health issues like gastritis, constipation, bloating and different digestive ailments can also be resolved by drinking water after you wake up.

Before a Workout

According to RO Care India the correct time to drink water is nearly two to three hours before you start your daily workout or exercises. It is not needed to state that water is a necessary element that you need to survive. And water is known to enhance circulation, digestion, and even keep the body hydrated and also regulate the body temperature to a great extent.

Before you start your workout or exercise, you need to warm up and ensure that your muscles and joints are absolutely ready too. And drinking water is helpful to keep your joints correctly lubricated, along with upholding the body temperature. A dehydrated body is extremely prone to cramps and muscle tear-downs. It is the reason that drinking water before working out is absolutely important to get the best results. After all, when you are doing so much of workout, wouldn’t you want that the results come out to be twofold productive?

After a workout

After a workout

It is not just about before your exercise or workout but after the session too. When you do working out, with profuse sweating, your body gets drained of the substantial amount of water. This dehydration can again have undesirable impacts on your general health and immunity. So it becomes vital that you must drink water after the workout as well. After completing your daily exercise or workout routine, wait for half an hour for your body to cool down somewhat, and then consume water. Remember that once you drink water, you refill fluids that are lost while working out. As a result, your energy levels stay maintained and you can beat exhaustion easily.

Take water when you are tired

Dehydration of the body plays a big part in making you feel tired and low. So, certainly, the best cure to tiredness is drinking plenty of water. It has been seen that even if your body loses only one percent of its water, it can bring down the energy levels considerably. So, the next time you feel very lethargic and find that tiredness is hindering your productivity, make sure to intake water and feel the difference. You would not just feel energetic but also feel strong and fresh.

When you are thirsty

Of course, it is the most obvious of the reasons why you drink water! When your body requires some supply of water. It apparently gives off the signal by making you feel thirsty. Now, what is happening is that many of you gulp down any type of fluid – such as aerated drinks or even coffee or tea. You think that it will gratify you. But the additional dose of soda or caffeine that gets supplied with them is often unnecessary. Moreover, the thirst mostly inclines to linger on, even after finishing off a cup of coffee or a glass of beverage. The point is, next time when you feel thirsty, you should make sure that you take water only and not binge on other soft drinks or beverages. You have no idea how well water can make you feel contented as compared to other sorts of fluids.


Thus, since you know about so many timings when water consumption is absolutely effective and beneficial, you must keep these things in mind and implement them in your routine.

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