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How To Know If Your Old Washing Machine Needs To Be Replaced

The washing machines are one of the most useful pieces of technology one can have in their home. Hand washing all the clothes can be extremely time-consuming, especially in bigger households. The washing machines allow us to reduce all that manual work to a few button presses. It allows us to focus on other chores or relaxation if we have nothing else to take care of. Eventually, it will become old and start to malfunction. The following article will showcase some telltale signs that you need to replace your washing machine.

Issues with water

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After every cycle water from your washing machine should get drained through the pump and the hose at the back of the machine, leaving only freshly washed clothes inside the drum. Sometimes, the drain won’t do its job and the water will remain inside the drum or worse. These issues can vary but are always troublesome and take up too much of our time.

The machine may still work despite the lack of drainage. In this case, the issue probably lies in your pump filter which prevents small items from blocking your machine. Unfortunately, they will fail to filter out these items once they start to wear off. This can lead to blockages inside your machine. The simpler blockages are rather easy to fix with very little investment. Make sure to check the drain hose as well as other connected items that take part in the draining process. If you find items inside simply remove them and the machine should proceed as usual. The machine still needs to be drained manually before you enact this removal process and if this happens frequently it may be a better solution to just change machines.

The other issue we face when it comes to water drain is excessive leakage. The machine is still operating as usual, removing the water from the drum even, but the water it uses ends up spilling throughout our bathroom. The resulting clean-up can be very stressful as the amount of water used in each washing cycle is huge. Not to mention how dangerous it can be because it makes the bathroom slippery. The issue of leakage can come from improperly loading your washer. If there isn’t enough room for the water that gets pumped in it’ll end up leaking out. On the other hand, it could be the water hose that’s causing these issues.

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The simple wear and tear could have done it in, resulting in spills occurring. The hose may have also gotten loose from the constant vibrations of the washing machine, requiring some tightening. In the worst-case scenario, you’ll be faced with a cracked tub. The smaller cracks in the tub can be temporarily mended but if the damage isn’t minimal there’s very little you can do except for getting a new washing machine.

All the listed problems stem from excess water but the lack of water can also cause troubles. The most frequent one being that water isn’t filling the drum. The issues may be rather simple, having more to do with the water system in your household than the machine itself but that’s not always the case. The water intake valve of the washing machine may be causing issues, failing to supply the machine with enough water.

This requires professional insight and maybe even replacing your washing machine if the issue is too great. You should make sure your next purchase fulfills the newest design improvements that have been made on washing machines by visiting washingmachins. They have plenty of useful articles on a variety of washing machine types and styles, listing out the best of each category as well as giving general advice on their use.

Issues with the drum

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The second most frequent source of our issues is the washing machine’s drum. The drum is responsible for a lot of actual washing so it can be very frustrating when it starts malfunctioning.

The drum usually spins until the end of the cycle, mixing your clothes with water and detergent to enforce proper, deep cleaning. Additionally, it leaves your clothes washed but not soaked with water, removing the need to drain every article of clothing yourself. The issues can occur if the drum doesn’t perform its final spin at the end of the cycle, allowing clothes to get soaked and heavy. This issue can have many factors causing it but the most frequent ones are problems with the pressure system of the washing machine and a worn-out motor. The pressure system detects that water has been drained and initiates the final spin. If issues occur the system may be blocked or faulty, resulting in it being unable to properly dictate the final spin. As for the motor itself, the wear of it may make it incapable of reaching the necessary speeds to do the fast spin at the end of the cycle. Either of these problems may result in expensive repairs and it is usually more useful to get a new machine instead of trying to keep the old one going.

The washing machines includes a lot of highly intense movements, especially when the drum is concerned. The drum reaches very fast speeds and generates a lot of centrifugal force which can cause the machine to bob a bit. However, at a point where the machine is actually moving or swaying too hard, you should take a look at it. The simplest issue may stem from its legs not being level. This can cause stability issues, allowing it to walk. If the feet are level there may be deeper problems with it. The drum may be badly fixated, generating a lot more force than expected, or its motors are faulty. While it’s easy to disregard this issue and simply put the washing machine back after each wash, you should keep in mind the potential consequences of doing so. The machine may slosh the water around, damaging the non-tiled areas and causing mildew to accumulate. The machine may also pull itself out of the wall, potentially causing electrical hazards in the room it’s located in.

General issues and advice

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In the end, the machine may just be outdated. Outdated in design, resulting in expensive repairs that require a lot of searching for parts. Outdated due to passage of time, making it lack some quality of life additions from the newer models that prolong their lifespan and reduce issues. Or it may just be outdated for your needs. After all, we may have gotten a few more members in our household since we last purchased a washing machine and can’t fit all of our collective clothes inside the old drum.

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