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Top 5 Reasons to Choose Reverse Osmosis for Your Home

How’s your current water filtration system looking? Do you feel as though it could be better, or are you sick of using a Brita water filter? Well, the solution to any lackluster home water filtration system is reverse osmosis. Have you ever checked the label on bottled water? If you haven’t, then you don’t know that a lot of bottled water is nothing but reverse osmosis water.

The reason that companies use reverse osmosis is its efficiency. Reverse osmosis is a type of ultra-filtration that removes everything from water. Therefore, water companies can source their water from just about anywhere before filtering it by using a commercial reverse osmosis system.

So the question is, why not use reverse osmosis inside your home to get excellent drinking water on tap?

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1. Save Money

Comparatively, buying bottled water costs a lot more than a reverse osmosis system. The biggest upfront cost is the cost of the system and the first set of filters that usually come with the system. Even then, RO systems for residential use are becoming more and more affordable.

In less than a year, you’ll save money by owning your own system compared to buying bottled drinking water. Plus, you almost never have to worry about running out of your drinking water supply since filter maintenance is minimal. For instance, a good reverse osmosis membrane – which is the heart of the system – lasts for two to three years.

2. Save Space

With all the new RO technology that’s becoming available, including tankless systems, you have the option to install a system that’s much more compact than older traditional systems. The latest systems have smaller footprints, fewer tubes, and quick-change filter systems that make maintenance easier than ever before.

Ultimately, if you were put off by the installation process of a traditional RO system before, then a tankless system at is your perfect solution. Several trustworthy brands that manufacture these space-saving systems are Waterdrop, iSpring, and Purlette.

Lastly, this type of system also features an internal pump to ensure you never have to wait around to fill glass of water. Also, the pump serves to increase the efficiency of the system by reducing wastewater.

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3. Reduce Waste

If you’re constantly throwing out empty bottles of water or changing your Brita filters each month, then you’re going to significantly reduce the amount of waste you create by investing in an RO system. Considering the amount of plastic waste in the world, this point alone should make you feel better about yourself.

Even if that point doesn’t concern you, you’ll have less garbage to keep up with, which makes trips to the curb easier and less worrying about overfilling your cans. Plus, if you invest in a water bottle, you’ll be able to take your reverse osmosis water with you wherever you go.

One good choice for a daily water bottle is a stainless steel double-wall bottle. This type of bottle has grown exponentially in popularity because of its ability to keep drinks cold for long periods without sweating. Clearly, you’ll have the advantage of keeping a cold bottle of water at all times without worrying about your car’s cupholder getting wet. Can bottled water do that?

4. Better Tasting Water

Is your Brita filter falling short? There’s only so much an activated carbon filter can do. For this reason, those filters are primarily made to eliminate the smell & taste of chlorine. Since reverse osmosis is what bottled water companies use, you get the same quality water on tap when you invest in an RO system.

To further enhance the quality of your drinking water to replicate what bottled water manufacturers do, you have the option to add a mineral filter cartridge as the final stage in your system for an overall smoother taste.

And if your don’t feel comfortable installing your own mineral filter, there are plenty of systems on the market that come standard with one. Comparatively, most reverse osmosis systems feature an activated carbon filtration stage similar to Brita.

An RO system uses activated carbon in the stages leading up to the reverse osmosis membrane to reduce the workload on the RO membrane. Overall, there’s really no comparison in quality to what an RO system can produce and a standard Brita filter can.

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5. Ultra-Filtration for All Tap Water Sources

Are you on well water? The great thing about reverse osmosis filtration is that it doesn’t matter if you’re on well water or municipal water because RO filtration removes everything from your water. If you’re currently battling an iron problem that’s causing your drinking water to taste funky, RO filtration is a great solution.

In fact, investing in a whole-house reverse osmosis system can help to completely eliminate an iron bacteria problem. While it is a bit more complicated than that, once you get your system properly installed, you’ll notice a night and day difference.

The bottom line is that reverse osmosis filtration is a flexible solution for all tap water sources, making it a great all-in-one water filtration solution for all homeowners. The only thing you have to do to keep your system running smoothly is stay up to date with the filter changes and monitor your sediment filter.

Plus, renters can enjoy the benefits of reverse osmosis with the latest countertop reverse osmosis systems. The advantage here is that renters don’t have to make any modifications to enjoy reverse osmosis water on tap.

Closing Words

Nowadays, reverse osmosis filtration is more accessible than ever before for all homeowners, and even renters. Modern systems require minimal modifications to your existing plumbing, and the installation process along with filter changes have become more basic.

All in all, if you’re unsatisfied with your current water filtration solution, then reverse osmosis is worth a look because it’s one of those things that’s actually all it’s cracked up to be. Why else would companies use it to bottle their water if it wasn’t?

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