Trending Clothing Pieces For This Summer

Trending Clothing Pieces For This Summer

Take a look around the streets of NYC and you can just see what the fashion industry has been preparing for us this summer. Wardrobe should be kept up to date, and while there are people who are not that interested, some of you are.

So that’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top trending clothing peoples for this summer. Stick around as we’re going to be showing you what’s in for this summer and what’s cool.

1. Bike Shorts with Blazers

This unexpected style is the first of the bunch for this summer. Blazers have always been a top pick for any style-savvy show goers. But during the past month, we’ve seen blazers in combination with sportswear. Namely, bike shorts and blazers are apparently a thing for this summer. And while this style if not particularly appropriate for the office, its perfect for Sunday brunch with your friends.

2. Animal Style

This year we’ve seen animal prints all over the streets of Los Angeles and New York City. Animal style clothing is quickly getting the full attention it deserves. Out of all the magnificent clothing pieces, it would seem that leopard prints are the most popular. As stated by, leopard prints, snake leather, crocodile leather, and various other furs and prints are bound to make an instant success this summer. Best combined with matching separates or jumpsuit, this style will rock even further when combined with bags or shoes.

3. Boiler Suits

Boiler Suits

Designs that are practical, rather than useful are quickly starting to become more and more popular recently. The fashion industry changes a lot, and it’s no surprise that we see utilitarian designs appearing out of nowhere. This type of clothing is usually designed to look like a one-piece protective garment for manual labor. But all eyes see past it and uncover the true meaning of boiler suits, as a fashionable piece of clothing that is just as useful as it is practical. Best of the bunch seems to be boiler suits that come in a single color, and they vary through a lot of fantastic styles.

4. Lavender Tones

Lavender Tones

Regarded as Pantone Color of the year for 2018, ultraviolet, lavender tone, clothing pieces have been spotted more than once the past fashion month. It would seem that the industry responded well to the calls for a softer tone, in a form of lavender. With lots of shades available to designers, some amazing clothing pieces have been created for you to rock this summer. Whether you’re wearing this style in a form of dress, boots, jumpsuits, or even coats, the flattering feminine color adds a lovely touch to the already brilliant look.

5. Puff Shoulders

Puff Shoulders

Many people predicted that puff shoulders would be in for 2019. And it would seem that they were right. Puff shoulder clothing pieces were more than a thing this fashion month, with a lot of designers opting for dresses and blazers that embrace the lashings of fabric. Puff shoulders add a fun and 80s twist to most modern outfits. And they absolutely look stunning on every single model we’ve spotted them on.

Amazon is the place where most of these clothing pieces and choices can be found to purchase. Retailers are stocking their e-stores with clothing pieces similar to our list. One way to successfully shop for that magnificent leopard coat is to contact the seller himself, and you can do that by visiting

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