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How to Select the Best Pair of Sandals for Your Feet – 2024 Guide

Summer is well and truly on its way, and if you haven’t been enjoying the weather yet, we suggest you spend a day outdoors, even if it’s just in your garden or backyard or balcony – you won’t regret it! But while summer means a whole lot of things to many of us, it also means doing away with heavy jackets and pullovers and sweaters and wearing something a lot more comfy and lightweight.

This doesn’t just mean clothing – it also means footwear. And what’s more perfect for the summer than the right pair of sandals? Forget tennis shoes, flip-flops, and bulky boots – sandals are the best footwear you can wear during the hot season. But if you want to be comfortable, chic, and versatile in your sandals, here’s how to choose the best pair of sandals for your feet.

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  1. The proper size

Obviously, you need the proper size of sandals, as sandals that are either too small or too big can quickly hurt your feet, not to mention make you walk awkwardly, which won’t do at all. But how do you know if a pair is just right? First of all, your toes won’t be hanging out. Secondly, your sole will not spill over the sides or back. But you should also be careful not to leave too much room because if there is too much space, your feet can easily get blistered.

  1. The right support

One aspect that isn’t ideal when it comes to sandals is that most of them don’t offer the right amount of support for your feet, especially the arches. Most of them are quite flat, which means that they can’t provide the right support so you can wear them for a long time. Your best bet would be to go for sandals that have a slight arch in the middle, such as the ‘Jesus’ sandals from, which are not only made from the finest leather and metal but also offer the right support so you can wear them the entire day without any discomfort.

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  1. The proper ones for your activity

While the first two factors for choosing the best sandals for your feet are quite obvious, there’s another factor that’s not as obvious to many: choosing the proper ones according to your activity. There are different kinds of sandals out there, and they all come with varying features so you can choose one depending on the kind of activity you are planning. If you are planning to use sandals at the pool, it’s best to go for ones that are waterproof and lightweight. If you are planning to go hiking, you should choose those that are geared towards more intensive physical activity, such as athletic sandals. If you want to wear your sandals for a simple stroll around town or a trip to the mall, then you can go for attractive leather sandals with straps that are stylish and elegant.

  1. The correct material

The correct material also makes a difference. For example, leather, fabric, and suede can easily let your feet breathe, while rubber and memory foam can provide ample support (but rubber soles are problematic for breathing). It’s best to go with a few kinds of sandals so you will always have one according to your preference, activity, and purpose.

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  1. The correct support for the back

There is another factor that can definitely make or break your sandal investment: the correct support for the back. Sandals that don’t come with any support around the back or ankles can end up hurting you simply because your feet are more at risk from blistering. A pair of sandals without the proper support for the back can also put more stress on your feet. If you want more support for the back of your feet, choose sandals which have straps at the back or straps just underneath the ankle area – but make sure as well that the strap of the sandals is not too loose or tight – if the strap moves around too much or pinches your skin, you can still get blisters.

  1. Know the right kind for your feet

The sandals you choose can also make you either more comfortable or less comfortable based on the width of your feet. What do we mean? By this, we mean whether you have narrow or wide feet. If your feet are wide, it would be better for you to go for sandals without an upper or side covering. This is so you can avoid pressing your foot against the material, which can also cause pain. The best kinds of sandals for those who have wide feet are sandals with back straps or ankle straps, as well as sandals featuring toe posts. These can give your feet a great lift as well.

If your feet are narrow, you can do well with sandals that have straps that are adjustable, since you can easily tighten the straps so you can relieve some pressure on the toes as well as grip the sandal’s sole much more securely.

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  1. The best choices for preventing sweaty feet or swelling

If your feet tend to sweat, you would do best with sandals that are open rather than closed, so look for a pair of sandals that do not cover the sides and the topmost portion of the feet. With this, you can keep your feet from sweating and can cool your feet down at the same time. If you can, stay away from heel or back straps, which can prevent the foot from moving – this may end up making your foot sweat more.

Warm temperatures can sometimes cause us to retain fluid, which can result in swollen feet. If you have this problem during the summer, look for styles that come with flat soles; if they can provide ample support for your ankles, even better. A pair of sandals with an open style are also quite effective since it can help your feet breathe and keep them cool.

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