Why Are Athletic Leggings Hot This Summer?

All legging lovers know the struggle–many of our favorite pairs become impossible to wear in the summer.

Is it too hot for you to wear your usual favorites? Keep on reading to find out how to find breathable summer leggings for 2024 that can take you through your errands, outdoor workouts, and city strolls while keeping you cool and comfortable.

What To Look For In Leggings For Summer?

They can sometimes get a bad rep during the summer–but that’s due to picking the wrong designs and materials. Thanks to technical fabrics and clever cuts, there are now the ones you can wear in even the hottest conditions.

The main thing you should consider is not the aesthetics but the materials. The fabrics that work wonders in the winter can be impossible to wear in the summer heat. Focus on breathable ones made with moisture-wicking, quick-drying materials that keep you cool.

When thinking about colors and cuts, opt for lighter styles that show more of your skin to ensure you’re ready to tackle that summer heat.

Only after you consider those things should you begin to focus on a style. But don’t fret just yet–even when you narrow your options, you’ll still have a whole list of summer options to choose from, regardless of your taste.

Features Of The Best Summer Leggings

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Now you know the functionality is more important than looks when it comes to picking them. However, it’s normal if you still feel confused. Ultimately, we usually get the pair that looks best and don’t consider other features as much.

But picking the perfect one for summer isn’t too hard. Here’s a list of features to look for that’ll make shopping straightforward:


The secret to breathable is the material they’re made of. Look for technical fabrics designed for sports. Running and gym leggings are created to keep you dry and cool during sweaty workouts. They’re just as effective in protecting you from the summer heat.

For example, some feature a moisture-wicking material and offer UPF 50+ sun protection. The InstaBoost Technology is an added benefit, giving you a streamlined figure and a defined booty to wear those crop tops confidently.


Source: firmabs.com

We all love black–they go with everything. However, they’re not the best option for summer. Black-colored clothes absorb more heat than any other color. That means you can pick two same leggings in black and white, and the black ones will make you sweat much more than the white pair.

Summer is the perfect time to get comfortable with lighter colors. You don’t have to pick white if that makes you uncomfortable; make sure they’re light. The lighter the color, the better it reflects heat.


The length can also make them more suitable for summer. Opt for the 7/8 cut or Capri–you’ll be surprised what a huge difference that makes. You can also opt for biker shorts, a combination of leggings and shorts.

If you prefer wearing leggings that reach your ankles, opt for styles with ventilation panels and slits. Get your type of athletic leggings at FIRM ABS.

What Types Of Activity Are Leggings Most Suitable For?

Source: firmabs.com

The good thing is that because they’re so versatile, leggings can essentially be worn for any activity you love doing! From the gym to the outdoors, leggings are the go-to pants for women everywhere. Here are a few different types of workouts for which leggings can really come in handy.


When getting your Zen on in a yoga session, leggings are a great companion. The last thing you want is to rip a pair of shorts or have your pants feel uncomfortable when you’re in a specific position. You’ll be participating in all kinds of bending, twisting, and other movements that call for pants with stretch. With leggings, you’ll have the mobility required for yoga. Plus, so long as they fit perfectly, they won’t budge. High-waisted leggings will stay put as you move through the flow. From Downward Dog and Child’s Pose to Happy Baby and Warrior, you can spend more time feeling relaxed in your yoga flow instead of worrying about an outfit malfunction.

Cardio Work

Cold muscles are tight and stiff, which is no good when you’re getting ready to crush a run, get into a workout, or even go on a hike. Leggings can be of use here, as they help retain body heat. This preserved heat will help warm and loosen your muscles, preparing them for the work ahead. After you’ve warmed up and stretched, you’ll be ready to go! Your leggings will give you the stretch, breathability, and overall functionality needed. Classic shorts or sweats don’t compare. We do not recommend leggings during the summer when temperatures are high, as overheating can occur.


Source: healthline.com

The great thing about leggings is that fabric compression enhances blood flow. This is so crucial during any workout, but especially when weightlifting. It would be best if you had all the support you can get when squatting, making lunges, or any other movement. Even on upper body-focused days, you need your legs to be stable and robust to help get you through your training session. Your leggings will keep muscles warm and loose, offsetting the chance of injury.

With excellent blood flow in your legs, the creatine kinase enzyme that your muscles produce—which causes those painful aches and pains the day after—is minimized. That’s right – workout leggings can even positively affect your recovery! Even if your thing is CrossFit, collegiate sports, or bodybuilding, leggings provide the support female athletes of all kinds need.

These are just a few of the many workouts you can do in leggings. Others include dance-centric fitness like Zumba, band exercise, biking, and much more. While certain situations aren’t ideal—like outdoor fitness in the summer heat—workout leggings are versatile and can handle almost anything. Leggings should be your go-to when you need compression, mobility, and breathability. Who knew that they didn’t just look great but helped propel you to better performance in the gym, too?


Always check if the fabric is moisture-wicking and breathable, steer away from black, and get a shorter cut. With these things in mind, you can pick a perfect pair of summer leggings to keep you cool during hot weather.

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