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11 Reasons Why Sustainable Clothing is the Future of the Fashion Industry – 2024 Review

The fashion industry is becoming stronger and more influential day by day. Although women have always been more in favor of fashion, today’s men also follow it closely. Dress styles are different, so we have sporty, modern, urban, elegant, vintage, and many others. While many people choose certain pieces of clothing just to be trendy and noticed, the main goal is to feel good in what you wear. No woman nor man looks good in no matter how expensive a piece of clothes if she/he shows insecurity. This is one of the signs you chose the wrong clothes. There are many reasons for feeling uncomfortable, the model you are wearing, a color, style, but the most important is a fabric you are wearing. If the skin is unable to breathe through the clothes, it will make you feel uncomfortable, nervous, and sweaty.

Teenagers do not pay attention to fabrics, and as long as they feel attractive in clothes they wear, nothing else matters. But, as the years pass by, people realize it is not possible to look and feel good if you are not feeling comfortable in what you wear. Natural fabrics like cotton, cashmere, silk, or wool are welcome in every closet. Even people who have no idea about fabrics will at least touch it to see how it feels under fingers before they buy it, thinking about if they feel cozy in it.

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That is the reason why many people choose natural fabrics before synthetics. Sweating is something we cannot prevent, but the advantage of natural fabrics is they absorb sweat and the unpleasant smell does not feel as intense as on artificial materials. Also, environmental awareness is awakening in people more and more. Eco-friendly fashion is experiencing its expansion day by day, and no matter if you prefer elegant or any other style, you can find the right piece of clothing for yourself.

As the season change, so does the wardrobe in the closet. With the arrival of summer, coats are removed, and shorts and light dresses fill the space. What is important is to dispose of winter clothes in the right way. And how do we do that? It is important to find a way to pack the clothes so that it does not take up much space. Another thing we should pay attention to is moths. To prevent their occurrence, it is advisable to pack the clothes in Tipa Compostable Packaging along with a scent that repels them. The advantage of such kind of disposing of your clothes is it is practical, simple, clothes are always neatly hung in transparent or printed bags that will keep the freshness of your clothes. Also, if you are ecologically aware, and we believe you are, then you will be happy to hear those bags are produced from recycled material. This way we protect nature together, it is a small step for man, but a big one for preserving the environment.

So, if we already use sustainable bags for packing our clothes, we should also wear sustainable clothes, too. We will give you several good reasons for that:

  1. These are materials that are degradable in nature, so if you take care of the environment, this is another way to contribute. Although they are present for more than 20 years, their popularity has not yet reached the level of plastic, despite the fact it is ecologically friendly and will return 100% back to nature.
  2. Bearing in mind that these were degradable materials, the chances of feeling more comfortable are much higher than in synthetics. As we mentioned, cotton, wool, flax, cashmere, and so on will make you feel more comfortable in your clothes, but also your skin.
  3. Always choose eco-friendly clothes to make you feel good in what you wear and to keep the Earth clean and beautiful.
  4. For those who are thinking about starting a new fashion line, sustainable clothing is a perfect solution. There is still room for becoming successful, having in mind there are not so many fashion industries involved in it.
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  5. Take care of garment use and lifespan. Have in mind that natural fabrics are long-lasting, while the chances for fabric damaging are higher with polyesters clothes. Some pieces of that clothes are not even recommended to be washed!
  6. Buy smart. There is a saying you should stick to when shopping: I am not rich enough to buy cheap. This means it is better to pay more but to buy good quality. It does not have to be branded clothing, but good material. This way you will reduce waste by buying poor quality clothes and thus you will save money.
  7. Sustainable fashion saves animal lives. Everybody knows the fashion industry kills animals for making fur coats, leather shoes, jackets, and purses. There are many alternatives for leather, like polyester made with trash from the oceans, silk made of yeast, but one of the most popular leather alternatives is a fabric produced by using pineapple leaves.
  8. Sustainable fashion requires lees water. Water is used for dyeing clothes and for one T-shirt almost 3,000 liters has to be used. Organic cotton reduces water consumption by more than 90%, while other materials like linen and hemp require even less water.
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  9. It is healthier for the environment and for people as well. As you already know, many different synthetic chemicals are used in the process of coloring and printing clothes. This can cause dermatitis and other skin diseases, but also other diseases having in mind that chemicals pass through the skin into our body.
  10. Sustainable fashion evokes true values. This will make you love nature, take care of your health. It is also important to emphasize this fashion does not support children’s labor.
  11. By choosing sustainable fashion, you are supporting hard-working farmers in their struggle t feed families and produce flax, cotton, and other processing materials.

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