Ongoing trends in cosmetic packaging industry

The importance of cosmetic packaging

The cosmetic industry is huge and it’s growing. From makeup to skin and hair products, new brands are emerging daily and so competition is getting fiercer. It’s important for both existing and new brands alike to constantly come up with something new and intriguing. It can be a new formula, a new slogan, a new product altogether, or simply new packaging.

Good and attractive packaging is just as important as the product. It is the first thing users see and interact with when they buy the product and, in many cases, they will buy the product because of the packaging. Now, in the era of social media, appealing packaging is especially important. It’s a part of the experience and it has to be shareable. If you can’t make a good unboxing video, it’s not good enough.

That’s the harsh truth. The wow factor begins and ends with the packaging. The trends in the cosmetic packaging industry are changing and evolving rapidly and it’s crucial for the brands to keep up with them and stay innovative. Currently, the global cosmetic packaging market is valued at around 27 billion dollars and the number is expected to increase by 10 billion by 2024.

Current trends in the cosmetic packaging industry


– One of the main trends is that packaging is becoming more complex, intriguing, and innovative. They provide a great unboxing experience that can be easily shared and admired via social media. It’s all about a satisfactory and attractive unboxing from both visual and audial standpoint. It’s really cool to hear that nice clicks when you close or open a cap. Magnets are also becoming increasingly popular thanks to the satisfactory experience they provide.

– Besides providing good protection and elongating the life of the product, the packaging is also supposed to be ergonomic. It’s just another plus in the user experience area. The different and new applicators and caps are also emerging daily. Some packaging comes with a twist or pulls function just to make it more interesting and fun to use. Some of the excellent packaging examples you can see on this website.

– The use of interesting materials is also becoming popular. Using a simple and commonly used material doesn’t quite work anymore. Combining numerous different materials is the way to go. However, the big current trend is also eco-friendly packaging. That means something that is easily recyclable and is safe for both people and the environment. That also means using less material for packaging. Many brands are looking for ways to decrease the weight of glass bottles so they will require less energy to manufacture and transport. Bioplastic Packaging is also becoming more attractive to both manufacturers and consumers.


As we’re becoming aware of the problem of plastic pollution, we’re more likely to turn to some more sustainable materials and the research shows it’s most likely going to be paper-based materials. Paper-based materials are also popular among customers because they appear and feel natural and are a good substrate for high-quality graphics.

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