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Top 3 Nose Hair Trimmers in 2024

As you probably know, pesky hairs don’t start appearing until a man reaches his fifties. Your probably your grandfather having hairs both in his nose and ears. Besides giving you the feeling like you are getting older, this is a problem that you can overcome really easily. The only need …

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3 Common Mistakes While Drying Natural Hair – 2024 Guide

Drying your hair is never a simple task, especially when it is too long. You may think that drying it with a blow dryer is very easy, and all that you need to do is to grab the blow dryer, point it and blast with heat. But this is not …

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What is Safe Donor Area for Hair Transplantation

The concept of the safe donor area is largely attributed to Toronto Dermatologist Dr. Walter Unger. It is a hypothesis that was conceived decades ago which many have forgotten or deliberately ignored. It is also wishful thinking by even those that have adopted these guidelines. Many in the hair surgery …

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Tips For Women Finding The Right Shampoo For Hair Thickening Purposes

Living with thinning hair that is slowly falling out is a major hassle for many women. Whether it is a genetic condition, a result of stress or poor conditioning technique, there is a pathway to facilitating healthy luscious growth that is not artificially manufactured. The use of a shampoo is …

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Ongoing trends in cosmetic packaging industry

The importance of cosmetic packaging The cosmetic industry is huge and it’s growing. From makeup to skin and hair products, new brands are emerging daily and so competition is getting fiercer. It’s important for both existing and new brands alike to constantly come up with something new and intriguing. It …

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